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Some of our most stylish and exclusive mirrors are from the silver mirror range. These mirrors come in almost all styles and shapes, such as; cheval or free standing mirrors, wall mirrors, modern mirrors and classic mirrors. The classic appeal and timeless quality lends silver mirrors an ability to become part of any space regardless of style or colour scheme.

The pure, luminescent qualities of a silver mirror make it a sought after piece for the home, bringing further light and elegance to a room with its clean and bright colour. We offer a broad range of mirrors with different finishes, including a number of silver mirrors with an antique silver finish.

Aged Silver Effect Rustic Mirrors With a style straight from a stately home, this mirror could add a sense of class and grandeur to any space. Coming in a variety of sizes these frames are sure to be a favourite for any size and shape space. External Internal 102.5cm x 77.5cm...
Antique Regal Mirror Range These mirrors keep to the old ways of mirror design. With stunningly ornate and classic details around the frame and the traditional rectangular shape, this kind of mirrors will always have a place in any space and will never go out of fashion. Available in black,...
Antique Style Dressing Table and Stool A stunning table, stool and mirror set this has a beautiful, antique aesthetic appeal and will be wonderfully at home in a bedroom or a ladies dressing room. Having natural imperfections these sets have plenty of character and are available in three colours; Silver, Black...
Beaded Modern Mirror This modern mirror has a style all its own, with a design using a beaded frame and an angular shape this mirror is thoroughly modern while still holding onto a classic look. This mirror can be used in any space and is available in a large range...
Bevelled Wall Mirror This is a lovely Bevelled Wall Mirror with a contemporary design theme. It can be hung landscape of portrait to enhance any room. Available in both gold and silver. The glass is bevelled throughout including each of the corners. It’s simple design complements neutral tones and it’s...
Black Classic Triple Bar Mirror  A delightful art deco black mirror that is made up of 12 strips of black and silver glass around a silver glass central piece. The intricate border has been put together with a great deal of craftsmanship that it cannot help but catch the eye...
Cheval Dressing Mirrors A wonderful full length mirror for any space. This cheval dressing mirror is a really popular item because of how simple and elegant it is. This makes the perfect addition to any bedroom or dressing room and becomes one of life’s little pieces that you just can’t...
Circle Detailed Mirror Available in Silver and Gold, a Beautiful classically design mirror, this mirror draws inspiration from Grecian design, with the circular detailing, and has a detailed border and bevelled edges. A stunning mirror that brings style and substance to any room.  Internal External 30 x 20 inches 100cm x...
Best Class Wall Mirror This beautiful range of mirrors, including silver clear and gold borders, has a classic design that would be a wonderful addition to any space, adding a sense of style and class to any room. Internal External 36 x 24 inches 113cm x 80.5cm
Classic Bordered Mirror If a classically designed gold or silver mirror is what you need then this could be the mirror for you. Taking inspiration from more ornate mirrors but keeping a more modern clean appeal this mirror can be used in so many places and spaces. External  Internal 146cm...
Classic Silver Mirror  A classic design with a timeless fashion, this beautiful mirror has a silver Edwardian style frame with filigree detail. This mirror would work in a classically inspired home or even a modern home for a retro twist. Silver Frame Edwardian Inspired Bevelled Mirror Classic Design Available in...
Classic Silver Rope Mirror Whether it’s for a stylish front room or a nautical style bathroom this boating themed mirror will suit. Taking accents such as coiled rope and wood this mirror brings its own sense of style and design. Available in Silver and Gold wood.  Rope Effect Detailing  Available...
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Cube Box Mirror with Silver A chunky framed silver mirror that forms a large cube border with large silver accent bands, around a large, central mirror. This piece makes a bold statement and is great when matched with larger picture frames in a room as to keep the look complete....
Edwardian Mirror A stunning example of the mirror fashion of the Edwardian era, with its ornate filigree work and large stature this can make an impactful focal point to any space. Available in gold or silver, it makes a stunning impact in any home. External height: 62cm x 62cm
Filigree Arch Mirror A classic design for a mirror in gold, ivory or silver, these arched design mirrors can usually be found above the mantle of a fireplace or even in a hallway. A classic and elegant piece that can elevate the space its in. Internal External 28 x 37...
Glitz Cheval Mirror With an all glass frame, this mirror has an elegant look thanks to the strips of mirror and glass beads between them, giving it a unique look for any home. Available in bronze, silver and smoke mirror. Dimensions: 40 x 150cm
Glitz Dressing Table Mirror With an all glass frame, this mirror has an elegant look thanks to the strips of mirror and glass beads between them, giving it a unique look for any home. Available in bronze, silver and smoke mirror. Dimensions: 78cm x 54cm
Glitz Silver Cheval Mirror Crafted from strips of glass, this modern silver cheval mirror has a sleek design with a crisp profile that is sure to make an impact in any modern home. Each piece is carefully decorated with a number of glass beads to further accentuate the item, which makes...
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Gold Fin Mirror A stunning gold or silver mirror for a bathroom or any area where you need a lively and bright mirror. The fin detailing gives this mirror a sense of action and excitement.  
Gold Rococo Cheval Dressing Mirror  If you are looking for a one of a kind cheval mirror, for a bedroom or dressing room, that no one else will have then this could be the mirror for you. With a beautifully ornate frame design that is substantial and packs a punch,...
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Large Silver Rococo Mirror This late Baroque design is inspired by the 18th Centuries artistic movement. As an inspired revolution against dreary symmetry and regulation in art, this era reflects the dawning of graceful design. The Baroque influence was so strong that it spread throughout Europe, becoming especially popular in...
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Ornate Classic Mirror A beautiful carved frame in gold silver or white featuring an ornate border and a simple bevelled mirror. This wonderful classic mirror can fit in so many places and has universal appeal.
Ornate Leaf Mirror This beautiful mirror in gold or silver has a certain sense of elegance and understated grandeur. With its fine ornate detailing and soft leaf features, this can become a stunning addition to your home without being overpowering. External Internal 47 x 30 inches  33 x 21 inches...
Plain Art Deco 3 Bar A simple but very striking Art Deco Wall Mirror. This piece is made of 12 Bevelled black strips of mirrored glass in the frame. These have been processed and joined by hand to form a detailed border. In the corners are 4 more pieces of...
Prestige Silver Ornate Mirror These mirrors are certainly in a class of their own, with exquisite details and ornate patterns these mirrors can certainly be the centre of attention. Coming in a huge range of sizes from the normal wall mirror sized, all the way to the gigantic estate home...
Rhombus Big Ben A wonderfully stylish piece of art featuring Big Ben, which has been set onto a glass mirror with the details of Big Ben apparent on the silver glass behind it, further accentuated with the glass beads that truly make for an outstanding piece. Finished in a silver...
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Rhombus Cheval Mirror A contemporary cheval mirror that adds a tremendous sense of glamour and style to any room thanks to the large profile and fully mirrored front. Featuring silver glass mirror strips with an internal band featuring clear glass beads that look truly superb when they catch the light....
Rhombus Circle Mirror An incredible mirror crafted from 8 smaller, circular mirrors each featuring a 4 piece silver glass mirror frame around a central clear glass mirror adorned with glass beads. This piece is expertly put together to create a wonderfully unique, and ornate modern mirror that stands out anywhere...
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Rhombus Loui Chair Mirror A wonderful mix of both modern and traditional design, by featuring a loui chair silhouette and detailing in black with a glass beaded mirror behind, to further accentuate the details of this piece. Finished in a straight edged mirrored frame, it gives a wonderful modern feel to...
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Rhombus Love Mirror A beautiful black and silver mirror that has been emblazoned with the word "LOVE" on a black background, which has been stripped away to reveal the silver glass and glass beads behind it to further decorate the piece. This piece has been finished with a modern mirrored...
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Rhombus Mirror A wonderful mirror that is a simple, yet elegant modern mirror design, thanks to its clean profile and silver tone. The middle segment features a glass panel decorated with a wide variety of glass beads which give a wonderful finishing touch to the piece.Size: 60 x 90cm
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Rhombus Motor Cycle Mirror A striking mirror featuring a black picture of a motorbike with a silver mirror panel decorated with glass beads behind it, further accentuating the details of this wonderful picture so it really stands out. All of which has been finished in a mirrored frame.Dimensions: 120CM( L )...
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Rhombus New York Mirror A wonderful piece that captures the most intricate details of a noted New York landmark, The Brooklyn Bridge. With a glass bead mirror backing and a black background, this piece truely stands out. Dimensions: 120CM( L ) x 80CM (D) x 4.7 cm (H) 
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Rhombus Square Mirror A simple and elegant mirror that brings unusual style to a room thanks to the combination of a silver mirrored frame with a strip coming off towards the central mirror, which has a moat of glass beaded mirror around it. A truly exceptional piece that never fails...
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Rhombus Star Mirror A silver mirror framed piece that has been expertly crafted into a 5 point star, ideal for adding some Hollywood glitz to a dressing room. Further enhanced with glass beads, it really stands out. Dimensions: 94.5CM( L ) x 94.5CM (D) x 4.5 cm (H)
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Rhombus Tower Bridge Mirror A beautiful picture of Tower Bridge that has been placed onto a black background, revealing the sheet of silver mirror with glass beads beneath it, giving a wonderful shimmer to the water below the bridge.  Dimensions: 120CM( L ) x 80CM (D) x 4.7 cm (H)...
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Round Ornate Mirror A stunning example of rococo design, this round mirror available in gold, silver or white with its fine details and aged appearance this mirror screams opulence and will make a brilliant addition to any home. Internal External 12.5 inches x 12.5 inches 116cm x 86cm  
Silver Classic Mirror  If you’re looking for a classically designed mirror this could be the mirror for you. Available in a range of sizes perfect for any space. Featuring a silver finish and ornate detailing this mirror is a stunning addition for a home. External Internal 34cm x 29cm 10...
Silver Classic Triple Bar Mirror  A delightful art deco mirror that is made up of 12 strips of silver glass around a silver glass central piece. The intricate border has been put together with a great deal of craftsmanship that it cannot help but catch the eye whenever you have guests...
Silver Cut Away Mirror A Truly unique design here, with its black accents and silver finish this mirror can be used in many areas and is infinitely versatile. The ornate detailing and beautiful finish help to set this mirror apart from the rest. External Internal 91cm x 81cm 24 x...
Silver Edward Mirror This range of mirrors features a detailed border and bevelled mirror pieces to add a touch of class to an otherwise unassuming mirror. Available in a range of sizes and 2 colours, silver and gold, there is a version of this to suit any space.  • Available in...
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Cheval Dressing Mirror If you are looking for a one of a kind cheval mirror, for a bedroom or dressing room, that no one else will have then this could be the mirror for you. With a beautifully ornate frame design that is substantial and packs a punch, this is...
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Silver Whirlpool Style Mirror This lovely silver Mirror with its whirlpool Design would be a lovely addition to a bathroom or even a bedroom, its modern appeal will fit well in contemporary surroundings and is a beautiful signature piece.   Size: H 97cm x W 97cm (H38” X W38”)
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Spin Mirror A lovely understated circular mirror in gold or silver. The frame features a swept design to draw the eye to the mirror centre. This would make a brilliant addition to any space especially a hallway or landing. Internal External 24 x 24 inches  57cm x 57cm


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