Bedrooms can mean a lot of different things to who you speak to, for many its a place to relax, call their own, use as a work station, and eventually sleep, where as others may use it solely as a sleeping space which can invoke all sorts of different decorating ideas, but most importantly for it to be a chilled out space.

1. Neutral Colours
You don't need to keep to an all-white room for a calming environment, many other colours show that they can help to assist with different moods, of even helping in making a room to look larger than it is. A dark gray blue offers a deep colour which still gives off a calming sense of atmosphere to the room, it can contrast well with with warm shaded woods, white trims and features, or even things like seagrass or rattan weave furniture. A neutral green can give a bit more warmth to a room whilst still being a calming colour, that is ideal to match with darker woods. Though, we are not to stop you if you want to paint your room your favourite colour, if you want to create a room you feel at home with, then go for what you love, this is especially so for those who use their bedroom as a multi-purpose space.

2. Mood Lighting and Candles
Whilst you will need adequate lighting for any tasks you will be doing at your desk, do not forget the importance of mood lighting or using candles to provide a delicate warmth to a room that makes a surprising difference to a room. LED Remote candles are ideal for such a purpose as you can easily control them with a remote or a timer, making for a soft glow as you unwind for the night. Floor lamps or picture lamps can give a gentle up-lighting which are also great for mood lighting.

3. Think about your headboards
This many sound strange at first, but headboards add a lot to a room both during the day and night, as they can be exceptionally expressive which makes them look incredible in a minimalistic room. However, consider what they might be like when you sleep, are their any embellishments you match catch as you turn over, if you have gaps between bars will you want any additional pillow to use as a 'wall' so that the pillow does not get lost between the bars.

4. Have a safe zone around the bed
We all know how much of a grumble that stubbing your toe on something can put people into, and you want to minimise that risk when you are trying to make a calming bedroom. This can be done by ensuring that there is adequate space around the bed and frame to walk around it safely, even at night.

5. Calming Artwork
To further complement the style of the bedroom, finding art that invokes a serene or calming sense to it can be a great finishing detail to a room. Equally, when choosing a piece to hang on the wall, remember to choose something that isn't too distracting as not to pull you away from any work you may be doing, or to provide a 'busy' space when you're trying to relax and unwind for the night. Country landscapes, mountainous and many other pictures of nature are a great choice for such.


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