With the growing number of flats, studios and apartments that are becoming a trend for many individuals there is a great importance to focus on the style of smaller rooms and give them a grand presence across the home. For those who have spare rooms in their homes, feel free to make use of the tips below to give your guest bedrooms that extra flair.

One of the biggest components of a bedroom, in both size and importance, is the bed, and due to the space they take up you need to make sure it really stands out! You won't always need a fancy ornate metal bedframe, or a rustic wooden bedframe or similar to do this, any bed can be spruced up to give a greater impression.

A simple way to do this is to use layers on your bed. This is a great time to put your knitting skills to the test if you have them, as blankets make a superb piece to bring extra character to a bedroom. Especially ones with bold patterns and intricate weaves that stand out from a distance. These can be complemented with pillows, or even a runner to go at the base of the bed to give a sublime contrast between the two, especially if they too have a wonderful texture or pattern to offset the original.

Now that you have the most important aspect out of the way, you need to focus on what is around the bed, don't neglect your walls and leave them without character. If you have a gap alongside the wall, consider placing a console table there to maintain your sense of style whilst providing a practical piece. For those with bold, bare wall facing the bed, or you have a vast space above your headboard it may be worth considering a wall sticker to place there as they take up little room, are unobtrusive and can be easily placed. Some may wish to get a piece of art that is meaningful to them or compliments their room, even adding a whole new sense of style. We fondly remember being toured around a friend's new home to find a wall painted in a yellow-orange fade which was overlaid with a sticker resembling the silhouettes of trees, giving the look of a forest during a warm sunset.

To bring a greater sense of space to the room, you may wish to opt for a mirror and plentiful lighting to give the bedroom a more airy and spacious feel to alleviate any feeling of being tight on space.

Colour in a room is an entirely personal thing to consider and we cannot say what works for one person will work for another, however, we can advise how to create a scheme that will bring in a complimentary series of colours for a bedroom.
Monochrome allows you to bring in a single line of colour to a room, but using a wide variety of shades and tones of that colour upon different elements of the room, such as the walls, skirting board and even colour strips all bring together a common theme which can give a modern feel. Others may choose to look at a colour wheel and find contrasting colours that are opposite one another, such as green and purple, red and blue, as the stark contrast can bring a very vivid feel in a room and gives a great range of colour to work with.


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