Whilst we all know the famous question "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?", we do our best to answer this by providing the most splendid range of mirrors that shall show that it is you, my dear reader.

Outside of answering age-old fairy tale questions, mirrors can make for a great impact in one's home in all manner of ways (especially if you do find THE magic mirror; let it make small talk with your dinner party guests whilst you cook).

By hanging a mirror the reflected light gives an additional sense of depth that can make for a more spacious and airy feel to a room. These mirrors often come in a broad range of shapes, sizes, patterns as well as a fine selection of materials that will suit any home. 

With the broad selection of full-length mirrors, it begs the question "Do I buy a free-standing mirror or a wall mounted one?".

Honestly, there is no right or wrong answer to this as it depends on what suits your home when weighing up a number of facts. The great thing with full-length mirrors is they can fit almost seamlessly answer in the home, meaning you can

The great thing with full-length mirrors is they can fit almost seamlessly answer in the home, meaning you can optimise space by placing a free standing mirror in the corner of a room or possibly mounting one on the back of a door. As hinted by the name, full-length mirrors allow for you to observe the full length of your appearance, which also makes these an ideal dressing room mirror.

When considering to purchase a full-length mirror, you should take into account: individual taste, space, layout and style. Whilst we cannot give you any tips on how to select a mirror based on individual taste, our team have put together our favourite mirrors and styles to create our collection of mirrors, in which we are certain you will find a full-length mirror you love as well.

Full-length mirrors can give a great sense of space to a room, making them feel more airy, but before that can come into effect it is important to make sure you use the space you currently have to the best that you can.

Wall mounted full-length mirrors can be a practical and stylish addition to a room, injecting a further sense of style and unique taste to the room in a slim profile, whilst allowing one to maintain and perfect their image with a full length view of themselves.

For those who wish to keep a clean profile in a room and maximise wall space for art, bookcases or more, the mountable full length mirrors could even be placed on the inside of a cupboard door to keep it aside until it is needed again.

Many of our full length mirrors may be hung horizontally so that it offers a landscape orientation to further maximise the light profile of a room, which is great if you've a separate area in which you tend to get dressed up or if you wish to add that little extra flair to a room.

The disadvantage that comes with having a wall mounted mirror is that they offer a fixed angle, meaning they cannot be adjusted to get the optimum view on oneself and require extra handling to be positioned elsewhere.

The use of free standing full length mirrors offer a sense of freedom when it comes to re-arranging a room to perfect its layout, whilst also allowing for it to be adjusted so that one can get the correct angle to view the full length of themselves and their attire.

With the added ability of being able to adjust the angle of the mirror, these also require additional space for the stand, which may be a pivoted stand or an extra 'leg' on the back of the mirror.

Such a factor requires for careful positioning in a room to ensure that there is enough space to safely place such without the risk of bumping into the mirror, nor catching the stand, especially if one is positioning it nearby a door!

Our collection of full length mirrors are available in a wide range of styles, colours and finishes:

Modern designs give a clear, crisp and sleek finish, often with defined straight edges that allow for each placement of such mirrors into smaller areas without the worry of any additional embellishments being too big for the intended space. Such is a massive bonus for those who are trying to make the most of their space, and are thusly ideal for stylish students.

Antique mirrors tend to be exceptionally ornate, embellished with swirls, beads, leaf and floral designs or crests amongst many other designs that are often finished with bronze, brass, silver or gold.

These mirrors can greatly range from just a few simple swirled edges with an embellishment on the top and/or bottom, to the exceptionally grandiose that catch the eye of anyone who sees it.

Whilst many tend to fit these amongst more timely looking rooms that have a regal feel, these equally make for incredible adornments in modern homes, especially at the end of the hallway, greeting you with an amazing piece as soon as you open the door, as well as allowing for any last minute perfecting of your appearance before heading out.

Shabby chic mirrors take inspiration from the antique mirrors, offering a rather lovingly-worn appearance to these items, especially by those that have an individually and carefully aged look to give a pleasing look to them. Many of these mirrors come with a white base that has been distressed as per its typical look for this style, but many do come in silver and gold as well.

Our full length free standing and wall mounted mirrors are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, materials and sizes to suit almost any home. It is important to take in the factors above when choosing a mirror alongside your own personal styles, along with what the current interior fashion trends are.

More importantly, one must remember to ensure that the mirrors are going to be placed in a safe and practical manner with the appropriate fixtures to ensure a long-lasting mirror.

Follow these points, and you will have a stunning free standing mirror or wall mounted mirror that serves both as a fashionable and practical piece that adds to a further stylish and welcoming feeling.


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