Sometimes, you simply cannot help but crave a trip to the seaside, able to enjoy the sights, sunny weather, and continually finding sand in absolutely everything for the next few weeks.

beach house

For some, getting to the seaside is a hassle, so instead, they decide to bring it to them. No. Not with one of those children's toys where you had a paddling pool in one half and a sand bit in the other, but by actually recreating a beach inside their house.

Some may think bringing the beach to the house is a bit far, but they've gone further still. Roughly 660 miles further. This building was constructed from a chalet imported from Switzerland in 1882.

This property can be found in Hampton Court road, East Molesley, a place of already opulent splendor with Hampton Court Palace only around the corner and is currently for sale if you feel so inclined to splurge out on this property!

Surrounded by parkland, this five-floor listed building gives a grand appearance and a quiet slice of life that comes complete with mooring for 25 boats, and parking space for 20 cars.

beach room

One of the beach rooms in this house features 40 tons of sand laid before a panoramic photograph that fills the party room wall with a seaside view of waves crashing against a rock.

To further add to the party atmosphere it features its very own stage, ideal for recreating summer holidays of days gone by (cheesy pop songs, socks & sandals nor over-sized sunglasses are provided).

For those who crave to be beside the water, there is a deck complete with loungers facing out onto the River Thames.


The inside decor is exceptional, with dark hardwood flooring that contrasts with the lighter wooden staircase, all whilst offering an incredible view of the grounds which adds such a grand feel to the place.

Other rooms contract modern designs, such as a sweeping modern staircase that leads to an exposed wood and metal bridge that sits over yet another sand room. This room features its very own honeycomb-like wine rack that sits in close proximity to the seating area below the bridge.

indoor beach house

Given the spacious layout of this property, if gives a very relaxing feel to it, especially with the panoramic views of the parkland around you, making it an ideal location to get away and relax from daily life.

A wide range of extravagant styles mix in the bedrooms to offer an utterly sublime appearance that screams luxury (and we're particularly loving the purple loveseat in the bedroom).

The bathrooms add a grand appearance with not just one, but two standing copper baths set with a delightful view of the parkland once again from both floor to ceiling, alongside two separated shower areas that feature stunning golden accents for the piping. We're in love.

bathroom beach house

Yet another striking feature in the chalet is a somewhat sci-fi inspired guest bedroom, that features deep luxurious carpeting, leading up to a bed pod that is illuminated and features both a built-in massager and TVs.

The other bedrooms in the house feature utterly regal designs that we are blown away by, taking inspiration from various eras and types of design, only to continue such with the en-suite bath suite that features, even more hardwood, and marble. Did we say we're in love?

For those who want to escape to a quieter corner of the corner, there is a library with floor-to-ceiling shelves and stained glass windows above the doors, offset with a glass chandelier and a splendid desk decorated with a reading lamp at either end. Did you hear that? No? That was the sound of a library-respecting bibliophile screaming with delight.

Others may wish to have a bit more of an extroverted experience in the house, where there is a seated kitchen island that faces directly toward the oven hobs, ideal for those aspiring chefs who like to take time out to make a show of their cooking ability for their friends or dates alike.

When cooking for larger crowds, there is a dining table that can suit 16 people, ideal for banquets or for grabbing the family for a festive dinner.

For those who want to rub shoulders with celebrities, previous guests have included Charlie Chaplin, Fred Astaire, and Judy Garland.

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