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In this blog we are going to show you some of our favourite unusual buildings all around the world, and how these buildings had come about. Some of those in this list really surprised us the first time we saw then, and some had made us look twice to comprehend them.

1. Heliotrope Freiburg
Created by German architect Rolf Disch, the Heliotrope is one of free that have been built since 1994 and has succeeded in being the first building that generates more energy than it uses. This unique building is covered with a wide variety of features that can be used to capture the energy, including railings that generate heat, geothermal heat exchange, and quite possibly my favourite gadget, a solar panel which rotates entire building to follow the sun to maximise solar energy output.

2. Krzywy Domek, The Crooked House of Sopot, Poland
A highly unusual building that is so bizarre, we had to look over the photos several times to realise that it was not edited after it was taken. Krzywy Domek's entrance to the Rezydent shopping center was designed by Szotyńscy and Zaleski who had based the designs off of fairytale illustrations.

3. The Upside Down House, Poland
Built in 2007 this structure brought an interesting building challenge, where a fully furnished home was built entirely upside down, and not only that, it was built on a slant to give the illusion of a regular home laid steady on its roof. The front door is near impossible to reach, so visitors have to access the building through an attic window to find a home filled with 1970's furniture. A bizarre twist on a simple home that makes for an interesting venue to explore.

4. Museo Agnelli
The museum here has a similar feel to our last entry, in which it looks like a super modern home with its sleek and elegant appearance, albeit turned upside down, and placed atop the old Fiat Factory in Turin. Within there is an art museum that shows a variety of paintings, however, there is another attraction here, which is that the roof of this building is part of the old Fiat test track and cab be seen from the museum itself, making it an ideal spot for car lovers too.

5. "Y Tŷ Llieaf Ym Mhrydain Fawr" / The Smallest House in Great Britain.
A bright red house sits proudly on the Welsh coastal town of Conway, sandwiched between the old stonework of a tower on Conwy Castle's wall and another home. This 16th century home measures 10ft x 5.9ft, with an upstairs so low that the last tenant could not stand up fully in them. The home now plays part to the vibrant historical scene that Conwy holds.