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It's gotten to that time of year when we are drifting between the end of a blazing hot summer and the start of a rainy Autumn, with which we are between two key periods of flower, where we are getting the final flushes of bright summer colours turning into the more reserved Autumnal ones.

It's great to bare these guides in mind to find flowers that you love to bring into your home to give some extra colour, and with the right selections a welcoming scent as well.

Your flower selections may well be suited on the type of vase or container that you are choosing to display the flowers in as some larger flowers may overpower a delicately detailed vase, whilst too few or too small a flower may look out of place in a larger vase.

For those getting married in the summer or perhaps welcoming in Samhain with a hand-fasting, now is a great time to look at what kinds of flowers you could include in the bouquet as well as what you may wish to include as general decorations for such an occasion, even button-holes.

There are a wide variety of flowers that even by themselves make for an incredible table decoration.

Below, we are going to display a number of our favourites:


Agapanthus, or the African Lilly

Found in blue-purple shades, but can be found in white and pink. These delicately decadent flowers when fully open resemble a wide-spread Bluebell without the curled tips coming off multiple stems. They are ideal for sunny spots in the garden but be careful not to overwater these.




A vibrant daisy-like flower that can grow 60cm high and brings wonderful colour with it. They are usually yellow or orange with a darker centre and sometimes an off-red tint to the flowers.




A splendidly detailed flower with broad, prominent petals around the outside with tubular petals at the centre, which makes them an excellent flower for a summer border, or a simple cut flower to keep in a vase on your windowsill.

These can come in a wide variety of colours with curious names such as "Twyning's After Eight' which is pure white with a yellow head. Some of the Dahlia varieties include the "Hillcrest Royal" which has large, pointed petals that look almost sea-urchin-like, set in a pinkish-red hue that we assure you looks utterly splendid.




A colourful flower with a rosette shaped head of soft petals that are often in oranges and yellows, with a deep green stem, which are ideal for filling out a bouquet with additional colour whilst not being excessive.




Also known as the Lantern plant. An exceptionally unusually flower appears on this place as the petals form around a sweet-tasting, orange fruit, with the flowers taking on a similar colour.

The flowers grant an almost lantern-like appearance and look incredible in full bloom, especially when placed in a pot that matches the colour. When the flowers are plucked, the petals dry out leaving a semi-translucent pod around the fruit which can be peeled back so that the fruit can be plucked free.




We're looking at the "Franz Schubert" in particular as it is a simple yet elegant flower. The pink-purple flowers have a soft fade around the edges that give an almost watercolour-like appearance to the petals.

With simple green staggered leaves down the stem, it makes for a wonderful addition to the garden that adds both height and colour.


zinnia flower


A beautiful flower that adds so much vibrance to a garden as they grow quickly and have a bold bloom.

With its rosette style pattern of flower petals, it has a prominent appearance that comes in a variety of colours.

Some particular types of this flower have smaller, lily-like stems at the centre of the flower which give it an exceptionally unusual appearance that draws the eye.