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Rustic themes add a quaint country 'slice-of-life' style to one's home, mixing shabby chic and country designs into one which can include a mix of exposed metals and woods, alongside painted furnishings. The wonder of this particular style is that it can incorporate a wide range of items in unusual ways to further enhance a home.

One of the most simple, yet utterly effective rustic design choices we have seen features an old hand pump fitted onto a kitchen counter, with a modern water control dial fitted for ease of operation. This keeps a sleek profile whilst keeping a continous sense of style through the room, without interrupting the theme with modern taps (Personally, I utterly adore this, its quirky and catches your eye from accross the room - Matt.)

A simple way to dress up a bedroom with a more rustic theme is with a selection of layered rugs and quilts upon a bed, even more so if this is combined with quilts that are patterned to offset one another. Also ideal for those bitter winter nights when the cold sets in, and can save yourself some money by using only the blankets (plus there is plenty there to string up and make a den in the summer).

Neutral colours often feature in rustic designs, leading to wonder dusty grays, duck-egg, beige or white furniture, some times they are distressed so that they can show off the pattern of the wood beneath as one would with shabby chic furniture. Given the neutral colours, it is easy to add your own flair to the room whilst keeping to the rustic theme, the inclusion of a centre table (butcher blocks are great for this) with another colour of your choice (I'm quite fond of dusty grays offset with a pastel lavender - Matt). Others may choose to offset the rest of the furniture in a rustic room with exposed wooden furniture so that you can admire the wonderful natural patterns, which stand out against the neutral tones its surroundings.

One rustic touch that stands out, and is often overlooked is the use of vintage signs, either replicated or if you're lucky enough to find them, the originals. These old-timey signs offer wonderful retro designs that can really make a room pop with charm and character. Although, for a rustic room, we would advise stepping away from any neon signs, they're a little too modern for this style!

A simple way to add a rustic theme to a room is to scout out what wildflowers surround your area on public grounds (please check in advance), and take a cutting of the plant to press and frame ready for hanging. If you are lucky enough to come across a Lady's Slipper Orchid, or any other form of rare or endangered wildflower, do not pick it! We cannot stress this enough! However, if you do find any rare flowers, please take a picture, we would love to see them.

There is one item that absolutely exudes a rustic charm that we do not see enough of, which is that of the wooden rocking horse. These make a superb addition to many rooms, and can bring a wonderful character as well as filling an empty corner. We tend to see little of these items in homes now-a-days but when we do, we find ourselves instantly drawn to them through a mix of the charm of the item and the fond childhood memories of having one.

Potted plants bring a delightfully rustic feel to a room, and can brighten up a room during gloomy months, as can cut flowers. A bit of greenery and some bold flowers can give a feel country feel to a room. For those who are adventurous, if you are able to cultivate herbs, or even a small chilli plant within your home, we would heartily recommend it as the chilli plant always catches the eye and herbs bring a wonderful scent (Especially lemon basil).

If your home permits such, make the most of exposed wooden beams overhead. When painted and sanded down, they offer such a wonderfully rustic feel and mean that one can theme a room from top-to-bottom.

One feature we love on rustic homes are shutters, whilst these can be awkward to install on modern buildings there is a way around this. You could install shutters on the inside of your window frame, though we would suggest you have a scissor-folding shutter as otherwise you may find the shutters are far too large to open up.