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Home fashion is forever growing, and new trends are emerging every year and 2016 has had some incredible ones that have really taken off. Below, we have some of our favourites that we have seen.

1. Black stainless steel
We remember all too well the days of pastel kitchen kitchen appliances, let alone the entire pastel kitchen or have heard the stories of such from family, including that of a pastel yellow kitchen with a bold lemon set of curtains, but now all that has changed. Kitchen trends have become more sleek, elegant and rather than the typical white appliances we are seeing them in all sorts, including one of our favourites: Black stainless steel. When placed in a dusty grey or white kitchen where the black stainless steel kitchen appliances can provide a great contrast that catches the eye, and equally do not look out of place in a black kitchen, especially with glossy black marble kitchen counters.

2. Heated entryway floors
On a cold winter day, there is nothing better than being able to kick off your boots and no longer have to face the startling horror of cold floors on your feet with your heated entryway floor, which if coupled with with a heated floor in the kitchen this is utter bliss. This is especially so when you've just gotten out of the cold and all you want to do is get warm, grab a cuppa and relax.

3. Formal dining rooms
When visiting others homes we have often seen the dining room being turned into a children's playroom, media room or a home office, but lately we have found that more people are keeping dining spaces entirely separate from the rest of the house. Many of these have become quite formal dining spaces with impressive tables set off by stunning centerpieces and an ornate wall paper.

4. Mixed Material Bathrooms
Over the past year we have come across an incredible combination of materials that have come together to make unusual and fashionable bathrooms that really catch the eye. One popular combination we have found is wood and slate to line and accent a wall, with small mosaic-like pieces of slime lining a wall in a variety of shades to add both a wonderful texture and colour. This has then been offset with a wooden panel accent either over the bases of the mirror, or as a backpanel for the mirror to be mounted on. Others we have seen include a mixture of marble panels on the bath, with tiled walls in the shower and a stone mosaic feature wall set off by dark slate flooring which creates a wonderful contrast in the room.

5. Living space bathrooms
Whilst this may sound like a bizarre concept at first, sprucing up your bathroom to be more like your living spaces can add a great deal of comfort and practicality to your home. Some bathrooms layout may not facilitate the use of undersink storage as it may impede on the layout of a room, but it can be enhanced with a cabinet that matches the theme. We have seen simple, pure white bathrooms given a homely feel by include an exceptionally ornate black mirror, a black chandelier and a black-and-white feature wall with stickers or even painted graphics of their choosing. Others have included an armchair in a 'lobby' of the bathroom with some fresh flowers that are placed on a table or dresser and using it as a functional dressing room space.

6. Sunrooms
These have suddenly picked up once again over the past year, by adding the best of a conservatory and an extension in one to your house it provides a wonderfully airy and light space in which you can extend the theme of your home into. This makes for an excellent addition onto the side of one's lounge, especially come the summer seasons when you can enjoy the brighter weather.

7. Rustic Wooden Ceiling and Wall feature panels
Due to the growing trend of pallet furniture, we have seen more and more great uses for them over the year, including using the slats to create ceiling and wall panel which are great for making a room really stand out. Many may sand down the panels to keep them smooth and leave them natural, but others may been staining theirs the same colours, or even making a mosaic of these different colours and finished. You may stain the wood and sand after, allowing the pattern of the wood to come through whilst maintaining some of the painted design, giving a shabby chic feel.

8. Two tone kitchen cabinets
This design can allow for a great deal of creativity and give a unique feel to any kitchen, by selecting contrasting colours for the upper and lower kitchen cabinets, it gives a wonderful even contrast to the room that catches the eye. When this is combined with a subtle common colour accept, such as keeping appliances, towers, utensils all of the same colour, it can further enhance the colour contrast and really make the room standout.