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When designing a garden, the finishing touches can add a great sense of charm and character to it, especially when combining trends and fashion without your home to the outside too, which we have noticed more and more in recent years with Shabby chic furniture and industrial furniture. With a few simple tricks and tips you can add a whole new level of character to your garden, even with a few hand made or hand finished touches to it.

Up-cycled planters
Sometimes you'll find yourself holding onto certain things, thinking that one day "I'll fix that" leaving you with various odds and ends that take up space. Why not make the most of it if you're not actively using such for use in the garden? For example, one of the team once punctured their bike wheel, and got into a habit of walking before learning to drive, the old bike stood aside in the garage for almost a year before they gave it a new leash of life by giving it a shabby chic make over and digging the frame into the ground for use as a planter thanks to the basket on front. Over time, its started to age and gives an even more wonderful sense of time gone by. You may even wish to leave the bike propped up against a tree or wall if you keep the wheels on making it look as complete as ever.

If you have any old metal cans you have been using to store odds and ends in, twine, screws, more twine, plant labels, and yet more twine, you may expand the upcycled look by using additional cans that have been painted, and drilled, making them an ideal candle holder that will cast unusual patterns.

We have seen others who have combined this with a wooden tray or crate to make their own mini herb planters, which add a whole new texture to the garden, as well as a magnificent aroma. If you are a chef at heart, you will love having these to hand. A personal recommendation would be lemon basil, it adds depth of flavour to recipes and gives off a wonderful lemony scent to the garden when growing.

Pallet Wood Sofa
Over the past few years, pallet furniture has taken off massively and we are in love! We have seen all sorts from hanging seats to bars to dividers for the garden, but one we will always remember is the pallet sofa. Its a simple and sturdy build which can be easily made, and quite cheaply if you are able to source the pallets. Funkyjunkyinteriors have created a guide on how to make one of these yourself, and think we may have to give it a go too. 

Milk Crate Seat / Stool
Another simple little project that can add a lovely charm and appeal to your garden. If you are able to source milk crates or bottle crates, you can easily give them new life as a stool or seat by crafting your own cushion for them (shown here by ReallyGoodStuff). As mentioned above, we love our pallet wood furniture, so you could easily make a topper out of pallet wood using large bolts that fit through the top of the milk crate and lock in place with wingnuts (if it starts to come loose over time it can be tightened up by hand; no one wants to be hunting for tools when eager to sit down for a BBQ).

This may sound odd at first, but mirrors in the garden can make a whole world of a difference when it comes to how your garden is presented to visitors as it can be done so in a number of different ways to achieve such. If you have a thin, long garden, you may choose to place a large mirror on the far end fence panel to duplicate the look of the length of your garden once again in the mirror. Others may give the illusion of space by fitting mirrors into an old window frame that has been mounted onto the wall, giving it a subtle and very tasteful way of doing so. When fitting these mirrors remember to place them at a sensible level that will reflect plenty of plants or green to maximise the colour impact, and more so that birds will not have their flight paths interrupted by such.

Wooden Walkways
Another great use for pallet wood! You may have some spare wood left over from the other pallet wood projects about, what better way to make good use of whats left than by creating your own walkways by cutting strips of such to craft your own pathway. Given these pieces can be easily stained before hand and set amongst gravel, or straight into the earth, you may be able to find the right colour combination to compliment and enhance your garden's aesthetic.