Posted on by House of Ducentis

An interesting place in the house has to be that space under the stairs, what do you do with such an unusual shaped space and how do you make the most of it to suit you and your own style? Here's a few thoughts on what to do with the space under the stairs.

1. Create a personal library 
With custom fittings or even a selection of pre-made bookcases, you will have the space to keep your book collection safely stored out of the way and with easy access. Excess space on the shelves can be used to store mementos and other prized items you wish to proudly display.

2. Cupboard under the stairs
A simple and elegant way to make the most of the space whilst keeping things tidy, especially handy for coats, shoes and more. To further make the most of the space, install flush, in-line or drop handles in these doors to give them a more ornamental feel if you can find such.

3. Bike racks
This may sound a bit odd, but, suspending your bikes under the stairs keeps them well out of the way, whilst also optimising floor space, allowing any other necessary equipment to be safely stored nearby, such as helmets, lights, and so on.

4. Reading nook
If you have an extra bit of space for a seat, or perhaps have a set of stairs with a landing halfway that gives you an 'awning' over the space below, creating a cosy space with a seat, some cushions and maybe a nice bit of art or rug can really top it off and let you nestle down with a good read.

5. Vintage Crates
Crates have become a big trend lately, and what better way to cash in on this trend that by creating your own crate storage shelves to keep things like blankets, cushions, chargers toys and other odds and ends out of the way. Perhaps you might wish to have your crates mounted side ways to use as a bottle holder, bonus points for those of you who create bottle lights to hide amongst them to give even more style to your home.

6. Home Office
For those of you looking to maximise your space creating a home office under the stairs allows you to make the most of your home, whilst keeping the work space separated away from it so you can relax. If you have the space to part wall-off the lower end, you could install shelves or pull-out drawers to keep your new work space tidy.

7. Kids Playroom
Give the kids their own private space for their toys by creating a little hideaway room under the stairs, besides, who didn't love the idea of having their own fort when they were a kid?

8. Big Kids Playroom
We love the idea of very own forts, even as adults, okay, we may be kids at heart but, why not make a chill out space to hide away in by having a secret room under the stairs? Personally, I'd opt for some draped blanket awnings, fairy lights, a ridiculous amount of cushions and something to stream music and video to whilst in there, for the daring, a personal bar or snack supply in a pull-out panel would make a great touch.