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Whilst going about your home, you might not realise it but there is a chance you're already familiar with dead zones in your house, mostly by the appearance of zombies stumbling about, re-arranging your bookshelf and stacking furniture. No, wait, these are my notes for a fantasy home-designer game: Domestics & Dragons.

Dead zones are the spaces in a home where spaces fail to live up to the expectations you had for it, or just lack that little something that really brings it into its own.

These unsatisfactory spaces come in all shapes and forms, notably corridors, nooks, exposed pantries, or in some cases rooms with too many inward opening doors that affect furniture placement.

There are all manner of ways to accentuate these rooms and spaces with lightweight furniture and accessories that do not risk overpowering the area.

For instance, a small corridor that is otherwise lacking a feature could be further enhanced with a trendy, slim console table which can be adorned with a small vase with a seasonal flower (Dahlias are in right now, and they make a lovely addition).

If you select a console table with additional space beneath, these could be further adorned with wooden or perhaps even wicker baskets to help tidy any clutter that may otherwise appear in the corridor.

One way to liven up a room is to add a stylish piece of hanging lighting, as this will not intrude on the space needed to make your way about the space, leaving plenty of headroom to decorate the room with an extravagant lighting piece.

Not only do a lot of these overly decorative lighting fixtures contain a lot of glass, which allow the greatest amount of light permeation, they can also be cast into a wide variety of shapes and sizes to create the ideal eye-catching piece for your home.

Cubbyholes and nooks can make for an extremely awkward space to decorate due to their shapes and sizes, but can create quite an enhancement.

We have seen an old walk-in wardrobe that has been turned into a secret room, featuring a well hidden sliding door that opens up to a dark-wood paneled room with a wing-back chair, personal library, whisky selection, lamp and a window that looked open onto the garden, giving a novel hideaway to use as a reading nook.

Other great uses of spaces we've seen would be turning a window-side nook into a mini-bar or personal library, or even a small panel on a wall that has been filled with Tetris pieces to give the effect of a game-in-progress.

Though, one we always have to wonder is: What do we do with under-stair cupboards?

These can make for great pantries or wine cellars, especially when paired with a glass door to reveal the well-stocked array of items within.

If you have space, a selection of specially designed cupboards lining the length of the stair underside could allow for great use of space to tidy up coats, shoes, umbrellas or even dog-walking items to keep a tidy space.

For those who are looking to make the most of their room whilst not compromising on space, art and prints are a great way to add a particular flair to a room. Have a larger piece that projects from the wall, making use of sculptures or even box canvas it adds additional depth, especially when placed the far end of a corridor.

If you are a bit more tied for space, then you may be better suited to photos or (if you have a nook, make a framed photo mosaic. Simple and effective!) fitting original art or prints to your wall. Etsy is a great place to start for these, as you can find all manner of subjects, fandoms, types of art, and even some great originals or possibly commissions to get your ideal piece created for you.

Lounges can have a great amount of room for which you can bring in additional flair and style, especially as there are so many pieces that can be brought together to give a unified theme or colour to a room that makes it pop.

If you wish to create a greater sense of space  to a room, pull the sofa forward and place a console table that matches the height of the sofa behind it, with a large mirror against the wall to create a further sense of light and space to the room. Adding matching decorations at either end of the table make for a unified theme, which can be matched with the rest of the room's decorations.

If there is extra space beside the sofa, the addition of a console table at either end allows for a very practical, space-wise piece to the room, and means no arduous trips across the room just to grab your cuppa. If you have the ability to do so, the addition of a matching set of lamps to go on each one further frames the room.

Blinds with colourful or geometric patterns on them make for great additions to a room as they can be easily fitted into almost any room, giving additional style and flair to bathrooms, or kitchens where wall-art and other decorations may be at a bit of a push due to the busy nature of the rooms.

If you have a small nook or desk in your home office, or perhaps any other room, keep the taste minimal but tasteful, a potted plant, vase, or lamp does not go amiss, and with an accent on either end of the desk it provides a focal point, whilst not inhibiting the practical space. Empty corners can be further dressed up with the use of a triangular, corner cabinet which can be filled with favourite trinkets and items.

Minimalist kitchens can be given extra flair with the use of floating shelves that offer a clean profile and a vast amount of storage space, which if you're anything like me, it will be filled with a wide array of herbs, spices or sauces.

A service trolley can also be used as a great portable shelving unit, whilst tucked out of the way when not in use, great for space-saving and for keeping herbs and spices to hand, or possibly using it as a impromptu industrial-like wine rack.

You may wish to utilise a trolley like this in another room, as it can be ever so easily converted into a mini bar, stocking tools like muddlers, and tongs from the end of the trolley whilst your favourite tipples, ice buckets, and ingredients are kept on top. These also make a great appearance at summer barbecues for an extra practical decoration.

All-in-all, there is no shortage of ways to spruce up a room with little touches, your styles may vary from person-to-person but there will always been some unique way to decorate those nooks, crannies, bare walls, or the cupboard under the stairs.

If you're feeling particularly creative, grab some paints and a brush and do your own mural, if you do, please send us a picture, we'd love to see what you made to liven up your home!