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Family photos give such a sense of character to a home, making for memorable pieces that guests will often remember and really stand out. You may choose to use these photos in all manners, whether it be whole sets of photos, one offs, or even a candid photo taken by someone who happened to capture the right moment on their day-to-day running. All of these can be used to create something different that embodies your family's unique charm, style and feel that can be applied in so many ways to make a wonderful display piece. Follow our tips and tricks below, and we are sure you'll find something to further brighten up your home.

Character in how or what you display.
We love to see the charm that comes with family photoshoots, hoping to get those perfect few photos that will be remembered forever and proudly displayed, or to find that one thing that really embodies what this family is about, sometimes, the unexpected makes for a wonderful change. Below are some examples of what have stood out to us:

An Autumnal photo 'fail' in which one of the children throws a handle of leaves at the father, whilst their parents are trying to pose properly, leading into a trail of smaller photos showing the ensuing leaf fight between them. This spiralling collection of photos gives a greater story of that day, and shows that really family bond, allowing them to be playful even in a otherwise serious event which shows off true character.

One couple went for a grandiose and magnificent picture on canvas of them sat in regal attire by the fire place with both dogs at their feet, reminding us of old-time portraits.

Another couple had framed the moment they had a candid snap from a local photographer who happened to catch the moment that the proposer dropped to their knee and popped the question, catching the reaction of them both side on against the gorgeous backdrop of the cityscape behind them.

All of these have a great deal of character, and just remember, if a photo goes 'wrong' or just because it's not 'serious' don't be afraid to embrace it and display it, sometimes it will just show a broader sense of who you all are!

Make your photos practical
Photos are great to display, but sometimes they can be used for so much more giving a practical turn to them. One example we love of this has to be ImBatmom's backpack wall (which she has provided full instructions on how to make) where she has installed panels which features a 3 blackboards, 3 hooks, and a shelf above to display a large portraiy of the 3 children this was designed for. This system keeps things tidy, to hand, and gives a great sense of character to the home.

Photo Letters
When someone first suggest photo letters, we wondered if they forgot the word "postcard", but it turns out there has been a big trend lately of making decoupage letters using photos in place of paper. Paper mache, card, or wooden letters are becoming easily available at high street craft stores, which can then have photos applied by going over them with glue in a thin layer. For more details on how to do this, please view the video below for a tutorial by Jocelyn Casanova 

Photo Pixel Hearts
We love Polaroid pictures and would often create displays of them, which is something this little project makes us feel nostalgic for. Using a polaroid with the write space at the bottom trimmed off, or by printing square photos, you can arrange these photos into a variety of shapes, a personal favourite being arranging treasured snaps with loved ones into a large hear shape on the wall.

Photo Wreaths
A gorgeous project that can be easily re-created with some crafty know-how and a glue gun or some wire was a find from Karianne at Thistlewood Farms who used a wreath to affix a number of mini frames to, creating a hybrid of modern and natural styles to make a stand out piece. 

Photo Garland
With the simple use of some string and a series of mini pegs, you can easily create your own garland to display your family photos on, ideal for hanging them between bookcases, or even creating your own displays by posting two poles to tie the garland in zig-zags between them. Using photo print outs or polaroids, the differing sizes can attract the eye with ease and give a whole new sense of style and design to how you choose to display your treasured photos.