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When you have to make the most of the space you have, what do you do? Do you go big and bold, or simple and elegant, is just enough still too much? With our tips, we hope to help you find the best way to decorate any small space.

1. Skinny console tables can fit into all manner of rooms and make for such a versatile piece too. These can be used to fill the space at the end of a dinning that has been settled in the corner of a room, using that to place a vase or lamp for some extra flair, equally, one of these paired with a mirror or a vase with fresh flowers makes a wonderful welcome home in your entrance hall.

2. If you have a small bathroom, you can regain some precious space by using an oval sink rather than the more traditional squared bowls. With the space left on either side fitting a sink into a cabinet offers a fantastic storage solution and a trendy design piece.

3. You may think you have to play it safe with a small space, but you can implement fabrics and wallpapers into the small space to bring it extra style. We have seen a small entrance way that has been lined with lightweight curtains with intricate patterns along the length of hallway with LED string lights behind to offer a whimsical sense of mystery and intrigue to a hall. Others may choose to use a prominently patterned wall paper as a feature on one wall, or even the ceiling, you'd be amazed what a difference decorating a ceiling can make to a room.

4. Thinking upwards not outwards can make a massive difference to a room by making the most of the vertical space. By implementing a set of floor to ceiling shelves it can grant a vase amount of extra room for safely getting about a room, or for other furniture.

5. A flat plate rack can help save a vase amount of space in a kitchen, whilst also making a quaint display for it all. If you have the room for one, the inclusion of a chalkboard or a vintage style tin sign can add a whole depth of a character to a room whilst taking up as little room as possible.

6. Lighter walls can give a sense of more space, and when combined with a large mirror on one of these walls it can give additional depth and light, whilst injecting its own style to a room.

7. To make the most of the room's vertical profile, install a curtain as high above the top of the window as possible, ideally with 2-4 inches clearance before the ceiling. The resulting length of the floor to ceiling curtain gives a sense of grandeur and gives the room an additional sense of scale.

8. If you have a smaller bedroom, it may be worth considering a bed with storage built in, such as an ottoman, or drawers. These allow for extra space about the room for other types of furniture that you would wish to place in there.

9. Lamps can add a great sense of style to a space, however, they often require a table or floorplace to be able to stand them. Sconces and wall mounted lamps give additional style whilst remaining unobstrusive to the rest of the room's profile.

10. Extra seats can take up a great deal of space, and you may find yourself unable to tuck them under the table, which can clutter up a small space. By spending time creating a built in seat into a corner, topped with a cushion and pillows, you can create a save spacing seating solution in which the table can be pushed back, granting precious extra space to the room.