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When having company over for the first time, let alone the 10th time, there are always things to consider to make sure your guests feel welcome no matter how little or often they have visited before. For those first visits, get yourself in the routine of having a steadfast plan that you can go to for the future when visitors arrive to make sure that both you and them have the best time during.

1. Research and Recon
An often overlooked task when looking at having guests stay over, but it can make all the world of a difference when they do as they may be staying in spaces that you would not generally occupy at the times in which they are looking to settle down to sleep. If you have others in your home who can help, spend some time in your lounge or guest bedroom(s) where your company might be staying, and have them go about the upstairs, turn on the shower, go in and out of cupboards just to make sure how quiet it is down there so you know how best not to disturb them. If they have an en-suite bathroom, make sure the shower/bath is working, same for the towel rack if you have one in there.

2. Prepare Early
If you are having a big get together, it can be best to get everything together in the days before the event, rather than leaving them until the last minute. Make sure to look about the room(s) you have prepared for them, ensure that they have enough blankets or pillows, do they have enough towels and are they easy to find, or do you place them at the foot of the bed so they are there ready for them. Some guests may be too polite to ask for anything else, so sometimes it pays off to ensure that you have everything all in one place for them.

3. Breakfast The Morning After
Everyone handles the next morning of an get together differently, you may choose to all go out for breakfast, or sneak out before everyone wakes to get some freshly baked bread, croissants and some fruit ready for a light breakfast, or have a fry up. Whatever you have planned, make sure you have more than enough, you never know who might be tempted to grab a freshly fried slice of bacon or a sausage as they hover about the kitchen.

4. Wifi Password
In these modern times, there are more and more devices that your guests will carry with them, which they will want to go online with, whether that is in the comfort of their bed in the mornings or to display photos, videos or even play games together using such. Having the wifi password shown prominently on a blackboard, or even on a sign so that everyone can get on easily without having to worry about asking for such. If you do have this on a sign, just make sure that it can't be seen from outside where others may see it!

5. Home Cooking
Sometimes, there is nothing like a home cooked meal that brings everyone together. Your friends may offer to help, and everyone chipping in further can further enhance that. If you are cooking for a large group of people, make sure that you cook enough but have space for it all for your guests to get too if you are cooking something in which they can help themselves too.