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We love personalisation, and even more so in the office, whether these be at home or, the office. It gives that little extra touch and can give clients or colleagues that little more of an insight to the person they are speaking too, as well as offering a sense of familiarity that can help inspire oneself. For example, my work desk currently features a few trinkets with Space invaders on them, a Zootopia mug, a little wooden souvenir doll from a colleague and some rather geeky drinks coasters. Simple, subtle, but charming for a shared office.

Below, we list some of our favourite ways to give that extra personal finish to an office and those that we have seen that stuck with us.

1. Armchairs and sofas
Stay with us on this one, we assure you it makes sense. For those who are lucky enough to have the space to feature such, a set of armchairs or even a sofa set behind a coffee table make for a great informal meeting space. Having such in a home office can allow for a feeling of being open and comfortable with others, and its great for long meetings where you want to brainstorm. To give yourself a break from the scene and let you get away from your work for a quick break can allow you to disengage for a while, plus it's quite a cosy space to work from in the winter.

2. Rugs
One of our favourite statement pieces in an office has to be a rug, an often forgotten piece, but it can change the feel of the room so very quickly. A personal favourite would be the number of offices we have seen that have set a coffee table on top of a rug that complimented the shape of the table, with chairs appointed on either side ideal for meetings or brainstorming over tea and biscuits. This can give a wonderful focal point in a home office, or to fill a corner to give a cosy space away from the desk.

3. Desk and meeting table centrepieces
Possibly one of the most subtle, yet outstanding ways to learn about someone has to be the single item they present in the middle of their desk to catch the attention of visitors. We have seen all sorts over the years, and we find it hard to forget those individuals who have done such, we cannot advise what to place there as its such a personal thing but here are a few examples we have found that we loved.

  • LEGO Architectural dioramas and miniature displays of cities or famous locations.
  • An acrylic cube with a series of role-playing game statistics for said cube
  • A high-quality model of a rare car they one day wish to own
  • An exceptional display made from a game of Jenga that had been carefully pinned to mimic the blocks falling, which had been used as a business card holder.

4. Add character to your walls and shelves
If you are an avid collector, what better place than to add your own personal touch that with a well-kept display of what you are passionate about, deep box picture frames can make for great make-shift display cabinets for prized items or dust free environment to display such in.
Admittedly, I am a big fan of Lego, and one that stood out was the use of a deep photo frame lined with plinths to place each and every Lego minifig that had been collected over the years, leading to a proud line of uniformly assembled and vibrant additions to an office.
You may choose to display your prototypes and projects, especially so if you are working with 3D printers, as we have seen a diorama of 3D sculptures of all members of an office engaged in a small-scale model of their workspace, it was utterly and bizarrely surreal but it showed off exactly what they can do whilst also being memorable. We have also visited mechanics who have kept a selection of photos of their favourite or prized works on the wall, showing pride in their work.

5. Inspiration boards and walls
Think of it being your own private Pinterest within your office, full of what you love, what drives you, what do you want to have and what do you want for lunch? (Don't underestimate that last one, there's always a great sense of satisfaction in treating yourself to a nice lunch as a job well done).
Keep these spaces in your eye line, so that you can always find something to drive you and your enthusiasm, you may want to hang up a cork or magnet board to affix pictures on to, perhaps a whiteboard to draw and write quotes on.

Some things to help give you inspiration:
Who do you want your work to be compared to?
What are you working to achieve? (Holiday, wedding costs, a new car)
Where do you want to visit?
What pictures do you just love?
A favourite quote or saying that gives you inspiration or just makes you smile