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An unusual and wonderful space that can be customised in so many different ways we don't know where to start as we have seen and been lucky enough to visit a number of man caves that have been a decadent room or have enough charm and character that will expand throughout the entirety of the house. There is such a broad selection of themes, gadgets and items to feature in these rooms, that you want to find something that is fun, bold and more importantly helps to express your personality as well as how you wish to relax.

Lighting is a key feature to take into account when designing a man cave, especially when we have seen many basements or garages that have been converted for such use, that had otherwise had very minimal lighting in comparison to what would be needed. One of the most unobtrusive and simple ways to handle lighting in a man cave would be using LED strip lights which can be run around the walls, under the trims of desks and bookcase or even behind your TV for ambient or mood lighting. One of the biggest lighting trends we have found as of right now is that of retro signs, especially the jumbo carnival and circus style letter lights. These have a great impact on any room, and many seem to buy those of their initials to add a subtle 'branding' to their space to claim it as their own.

When you're comfy and enjoying your man cave, you want to make sure that you have everything you need to hand, in some cases, this means a stocked bar or fridge full of the essentials so that you have everything you need. Under the counter or desktop, fridges are fantastic for this, as they have a small profile and allow you to stock a selection of drinks whilst possibly able to keep it tucked out of the way. Others may wish to have a dedicated space with which to display their collection of fine spirits, or proudly have their favourite tipples on taps thanks to an assortment of home draught systems.

For all the bottle caps that you may have after enjoying a few favourite drinks, you may find that you can put them to good use in another project. We have visited a man cave in the past that had a rather large vase being filled up with bottle caps (which, in the mean time had been decorated with a string of LED lights on the inside to make an intriguing lamp) so that once they had enough caps, they would use them to line the surface of an old table and coat it to create a new table top. For those of you who are craft-orientated, this may be an ideal project once your man cave has been established, bringing a new sense of style to it further down the line thanks to the communal effort of supplying bottle caps over many nights of good company, or just a quiet night in.

Stars are not something you would expect to find in a man cave, but we have found a growing trend of more and more featuring an array of lights on the ceiling to resemble a starfield or even constellations. We have come across a few that use suspended lights with minute bulbs hung at different lengths to give a sense of depth to the starscape, whilst others have painstakingly marked out and drilled the positions of constellations in the night sky with LED lighting inserting into such to complete this look.

Retro games have always been a staple of man caves since we can remember, some of us here still strive to have our own a pinball table thanks to this. Foosball and air hockey tables have become increasingly easier to get a hold of, and are great for a bit of casual competition with visiting friends (just make sure there is nothing immediately nearby that a rogue foosball or air hockey puck can hit). For the more decadent, a pinball machine or arcade cabinet add a great sense of personality to a room, pinball machines feature all variety of themes from movies to music to video games, and equally a games cabinet has such an incredible amount of variety to spruce up a room to make it your own.

Given the ease of getting your own works made up into poster nowadays, or to find even the most niche interests and fandoms having their own works easily available to buy through official websites or fan creations, it is now even easier to find something to your personal tastes. For those who like to chop and change their poster designs often, you may wish to invest in durable large photo frames or perhaps clip frames which attach to the wall but the frame itself opens, allowing for easy changes. If you have a movie you adore, what better way to honour it than to place a large poster of it alongside your mancave's movie collection?

Home theatres systems are a staple of every man cave we have come across, and something you come to expect, whether it be via a large TV or even a projector. As mentioned in our lighting section, LED backlighting strips around a TV display can give a lovely ambient lighting, meaning that no one is going to bump into anything whilst they go to grab another drink. If you are going to make a TV a prominent feature in a room, we implore you, get a good sound system to go with it, it really brings films to life. For a more subtle profile and to make the most of your space, a projector may be more useful as it saves on a precious few foot of floor space whilst allowing you to keep a home theatre.

For many, a man cave is a place to truly display their interests, their prized collections and works without risk of damage nor disruption. Given the size of many collections, a full set lovingly displayed with thought and care make for an outstanding and impressive piece in any room. Some may choose to use their displays as personal museums, making the most of their space to show off items important or absolutely beloved by them, keeping them safe and sound yet allowing them to share it with others who visit. Adam Savage shows a great example of his display cases featuring movie props or replicas over the years: 

Accent walls have become a prominent feature all around the house, and have recently been finding their way into man caves more often as well. Given the often large spaces of a man cave, a welcoming accent wall makes a fantastic entrance and can be easily achieved by painting the wall a different colour to the rest or using a different wallpaper. For something utterly unusual, why not have your own wallpaper custom made to fit your own style? One customer of our friends at Apex Signs and Engraving had received an unusual request to have such done with a sugar skull and flourish, and it turned out exceptionally well.