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Many kitchens are further expanding and making use of their space to incorporate bars, kitchen islands, seated dining areas amongst many more, growing into a family friendly location that can allow for multiple functions in just one piece.

Firstly, you've really got to consider the size and space around you in whilst in the kitchen. When there are hot foods and oils around it is utterly paramount to ensure there is adequate space to work around, due to this, bar stools and seats that can fit under the counter top have become increasing popular as they often provide a low profile whilst being exceptionally comfortable.

We ideally recommend that there is a metre of space between the island and any surrounding cabinets, fridges etc. to ensure safe movement around the kitchen, and also for allowing one to open doors without any issues.

As kitchen islands come in wide variety of heights, we recommend that you measure against your counter with 12 inches between the seat and the base of the counter so that there is ample legroom. Stools and seats tend to come with a gas-lift installed so that the height of the product can be adjusted.

Kitchen islands often tend to be used as a preparation space for cooking, a reading nook, or even an ideal place to play board games, all of which requires adequate lighting which can be maximised with trendy hanging lights. Offering a trendy lighting solution which makes a great impact whilst being practical, though again, it is exceptionally important to measure that these have adequate head clearance as no one wants to accidentally turn a stylish lampshade into a stylish hat!

For those who are conscious of space, custom tables could be the answer as you can choose both the table top and table bottom to suit your individual style and space requirements. This allows for the kitchen counter and dining area to be separate entities which is perfect for maximising space in a safe manner or front row seats to watch the chef-at-work.

These custom kitchen tables can be paired with our selection of chairs and stools that provide a sleek and stylish profile that takes little space alongside these tables.

When it comes to stylising your kitchen, it is important to find a common theme that blends all the items together or perhaps a complimentary colour scheme which accentuates the furniture.

Many choose to keep a clean white or black colour throughout with wooden accents, whilst others may favour a more shabby chic or country inspired range of kitchen furniture, and the bold may dare to combine the two, but it is important to find what works for you.

We've grown quite partial to a clean and elegant kitchen design, but to add a flair to it with vividly coloured seating that can be matched with art or wall-pieces, alongside any kitchen appliances that take up the same space to keep a subtle, yet individual taste to the room.