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For many, a hallway is the first room they'll see when coming home or when having company round, which is why this particular room needs to make an impact whilst also being welcoming. There are some simple tricks and tips to help bring an extra flair to a hallway which can be found below.

1. Runner rugs
If you have a staircase in you hallway, you may wish to place a runner rug going up it to create a split between the upstairs and downstairs, which can allow for you to bring in extra colour, patterns, style or textures into a room. Even if you do not have a staircase in your hallway, grab a runner rug that complements the room or even creates a pleasing contrast to create a great first impression on visitors.

2. Console Tables
Many hallways may be strapped for space, but a slime console table is such a wonderful addition to any hall, as they have a small profile so they are not going to get in the way and allow for more practical storage solutions. You may wish to place fruit crates in the base of the console table as a means of storing shoes, gloves, or even the leads for the dog so they're kept close to where they're needed whilst keeping everything tidy. console tables can be further decorated with the use of vases, photo frames and many more to further enhance a room, especially when they are placed in front of an ornate mirror with a flower in a vase on the table.

Pairing a table lamp with a console table can make for a welcoming reception when coming home on a late night by pairing it with a timer plug, allowing it to turn on shortly before you're due home.

3. Coat, Hat and Umbrella Stands
We think these make a wonderful addition to any hallway as they are practical, give a wonderful sense of style to a room and always catch the eye. One of the team here has even made it a mission of theirs to hunt down an antique wooden umbrella stand, ornate canes, wooden umbrellas, coats of years gone by and matching hats, just to have an decoration in their hall that stands out at first glance. Further more, these are ideal for those of you who love to host for friends, as it gives a feel of organisation and traditional practicality that one may associate with dinner parties of days gone by.

4. Art
If you are a budding artist, what better place to display your favourite piece to welcome you home, to inspire you to be creative when you get home, and to wow your guests when they arrive. Make it bold, and make it stand out, give your guests something to talk about when they visit you, even accentuate it with a large frame. For those who have a favourite piece of art by another, display it proudly too, and think what does it make you feel when you see that piece hung up: Is it welcoming? Does it give a friendly feel? Do I need to buy milk (One of the team once had painting of a cow for this purpose)?

5. Accentuate with colour
Whilst we see many homes featuring a hallway with a single colour, we adore seeing colour accents to add that flair. A dusty gray stately home inspired hallway offset with a a hand painted lavender trim around each panel with a wonderful swirled embellishment in the centre was such a simple means of enhancing a grey hallway that it had stuck with us. For those who have a pure white hallway and wooden stairs, try painting the 'wall' of each step that you see as you walk up, if you've a second colour accent in a room, use that more toward the average height it appears at so lampshade would make for a different colour step toward the top and so on.

6. Seasonal Bannister Decorations
Simple, but utterly effective. With the change of season you can easily add more of a flair to a hallway with some ribbon and some season items, such as chestnuts, pinecones, lantern flowers, and more which can bee carefully attached to the ribbon and knotted between banisters on the handrail.