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We pride ourselves on the sheer variety of designer, eye-catching products that we have available, but no matter how hard we try, we cannot create self-clean desks, mirrors that will polish themselves, so, here's a few handy tips on how often you should clean your home.

We make no promises that we will not attempt cleaning a chandelier with a drone and a feather duster.

Even when we are surrounded by the sheer opulence of our homes, lovingly crafted to meet our individual styles and needs in a home, we are more relaxed and happy when these environments are kept clean to maintain their beauty, which is why we should keep on top of the little things first:


Ideally, this is a weekly task, maybe a fortnight at a push. If you collect nick-nacks it may be advised to do this weekly to avoid dust being trapped in the fine details.

For very fine lampshades with glass details and beading, a soft paintbrush may be advised as to shift dust trapped in the fine details.

Vacuuming & Brushing

Another task for the weekly clean, but can be easily remedied on the fly with a quick brush and dustpan job.

If you can start to see dirt sitting on the carpet, we recommend cleaning as soon as possible. Do not forget to include your rugs or runners with this.


One to keep on top of after each use, make sure to clean and wipe down the sink as to avoid water spots. Especially on high-gloss kitchen surfaces.


As above for sinks and baths, but for toilets, clean as needed, do we need say any more?


These should be washed at least weekly, making sure to follow manufacturer instructions to ensure the colours last.


With all the nooks and crannies of a mouse and keyboard, you would be surprised grime and dust can hide within it.

Before cleaning these do remember to unplug them first! For a quick clean you can use compressed air can, but for those wanting to do a deep clean some keyboards can remove the keys and can be dusted beneath.


Whilst many of these can be easily cleaned over by wiping the outside, you may need to give some a bit more attention.

Microwaves and toasters are especially so for this, as food debris or splatters can build up.


Quite possibly one of the most arduous but worth while tasks when you can get a perfectly streak-free finish and admire the sun setting over your garden.

Bathroom Deep Clean

To avoid the growth of mildew, or ever dreaded mold, we recommend doing a through clean at least once a fortnight, not forgetting to focus on the shower head itself! If you have a shower curtain, don't forget to do the inside of this too.

Long term cleaning goals. These may range from 3 months to a yearly task depending on what they are, but are quite key to the general long-term appearance of one's house.


Every 3 months we recommend that you empty your bookcases for a thorough clean, and to also clean the spines, tops and bottom of each book whilst holding them firmly closed so that no dust permeates into the pages.

To free any dust inside we recommend fanning carefully through the pages. If you have stacked any books, do remember to rotate the direction as to minimise warping over long periods.

For those with older books that may be of worth, please consult an expert before cleaning.



These should be removed from their cases and washed at least every 6 months, ideally 3, after washing and drying remember to give them a good fluffing up if you can (please don't try to fluff up memory foam, it may be funny to watch albeit ultimately fruitless).


If you're lucky enough to have one that gets regular use, we recommend that you clean the firebox after every use to avoid and breezes or airflow kicking dust and mess into the room.

Come spring time, we recommend hiring a chimney sweep to do a thorough clean now that the cold season is out of the way.

Carpets & Upholstery

For materials that can be cleaned in such ways, professional cleaning is an excellent way to maintain beloved furniture where body oils can permeate into the fibres of a sofa.

Rug cleaners are an excellent way to ensure that any deep down dirt is trapped, especially if the family pet has a tendency for curling up on it.