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Summer is in full force in the UK and there is a sea of bright colours with thanks to the many flowers filling the countryside, but have you ever stopped to look what your favourite flowers could actually mean? You might be surprised, but flowers have an intricate code of meaning that many may remember but is something many have never heard of unless in a bit of trivia.

Speaking of trivia, for you Harry Potter fans, when Snape first meets Harry he mentions Asphodel and woodworm. Asphodel being a type of lily (Harry's mother's name) which is a flower used for grieving and remembrance, whilst wormwood is associated with regret.

An ever popular flower variety for romantic occasions and has become synonymous with red roses, which does correctly symbolise love and desire. Though other colours of roses bring even more meaning to the flower, such as orange which is said to express desire and enthusiasm, lavender is love at first sight, whilst pink is said to be an appreciative flower and gives a feeling of grace. Yellow can symbolise a variety of things, such as friendship or even welcoming someone back. Other roses that are artificially created also have a language such as blue being unattainable or black for farewell, we have seen Rainbow roses but have yet to find a meaning (I'm personally going to suggest its that feeling of butterflies when you're trying to find the right words to tell someone how much they mean to you).

Upon seeing your home decorated with roses, your visitors may think you have a timeless sense of style and an old romantic approach to the world, enjoying the finer things and their intricate charms.

RoseImage credit to Jennifer C.under Creative Commons 2.0

Like the yellow roses, these too focus on friendship or appreciation of someone else. It is also attributed to creativity, inspiration and inner reflection, making it an ideal plant for that creative person in your life.

Visitors will think you focus on your friends and family about all else in life, taking the time to appreciate the beauty of such and reflect on what they mean to you (Being a part of the Narcissus family, they take name from the God Narcissus who reflected upon his own beauty).

DaffodilImage credit to Ching under Creative Commons 2.0

Orchids are an unusual and exotic flower which exude a great deal of charm that never fails to stand out in any home. With their great range of colours, they have a whole world of meanings just like roses but generally they have a elegance and charm that stands out. Pink orchids represent innocence, femininity, and grace, similar to white orchids, whilst orange orchids provide the other side of the scale, boldness, enthusiasm and pride, making it wonderful for those who work in big business, perhaps presenting, or for those who love to find more adrenaline inducing hobbies.

Orchids have a charm that is so unique as those who display them in their homes, these flowers might not be the most bold and biggest, but they have their own beauty in such an unusual way that they can't help but draw the attention of visitors, the same as their host does.

OrchidsImage credit toPBednarz under Creative Commons 2.0

Unlike roses and orchids, as well as many other flowers, that use red to symbolise passion, these break the convention by using Orange lilies to represent such. White lilies symbolise purity and modesty, whilst white calla lilies symbolise magnificence, purity and innocence, a fine detail that can make a whole world of difference when speaking through flowers.

LilyImage credit to mariko under Creative Commons 2.0

A bold flower that is as bold as the host with its immaculate form matching your impeccable sense of dress and style, that just like the lily truly stands amongst the rest.

Cala LilyImage credit to Dawn Endico under Creative Commons 2.0

Many will know of poppies for their important role in recent history of remembering soldiers and supporting those who fought in wars which has immortalised the red poppy. Many others will remember them for their use in medicine, myths and more, that make these delicate plants all the more mysterious. Whilst the red poppies are known for their remembrance in the west, like many red flowers, they are seen as a flower for love, and also success in the East. White poppies have been used for memorials, funerals, and also have a general meeting of peaceful rest. Many other colours of poppy are used for representations of the imaginative and bold-minded.

Your guests may consider you to be bold and creative, with a sense of fun that lets you try new things. Many may not consider poppies in their homes at times other than remembrance, but you're happy to try new things, such as bringing these into your home to make it a sense of style all your own.

Cala LiliesImage credit to Susanne Nilsson under Creative Commons 2.0

Yet another flower of many, many meanings due to the sheer variety of colour, some of them a bit more firm than caring, making for an interesting subtle language. Once again, red represents love and admiration, with pink carnations specially used to mean the love of a woman or mother, whilst white carnations mean innocence and pure love. Other varieties can be more firm with what they mean, such as striped carnations could mean represent refusal or a longing to be with someone when they know that they cannot, and yellow carnations are also known for rejection too.

Due to the sheer variety of flowers and their meanings within, your style, no matter your mood matches that same stunning nature of the Carnations. Many would say these also represent a feeling of being level-headed or well grounded in how you approach any tasks in daily life.

Image credit to 'Jim, The Photographer' under Creative Commons 2.0


A vivid and timeless flower which comes in many bright colours making it known for the cheerful nature and jovial themes, who else remembers making daisy chain bracelets? Thanks to the vivid nature of these plants, your guests may consider you to be equally bold and cheerful as these plants, always knowing what to say to brighten up others days.

DaisyImage credit to Ian Griffiths under Creative Commons 2.0

An unusual flower with large pointed petals featuring an inner layer of smaller tube like petals that form the centre of the plant amongst many variations that include a ball like centre with many 'arms' coming off it. For such a bold and unusual flower, there are few specific meanings for colours outside of the usual colour guide, but it is used to express a sense of daring and diversity.

Given such an unusual and beautiful flower to be displayed in your home, many may consider you to be spontaneous, with great individual beauty and character that likes to stand out amongst the rest.

King ProteaImage credit to Bernard Spragg. NZ