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With the ever-growing styles and trends of interior design changing our homes, workspaces and the places we visit on a day-to-day basis, it can be hard to keep up with these new fashions, but it is always important to remember the basic rules to keep your home looking its best, whatever your style may be.

Do accessorise
When decorating your room, you may have already planned out the focal points of your room that you want to stand out, such as a cheval mirror, a home office space, or even the bed amongst many others, but like on a night out, even your best dress or suit can be really made to shine through accessories. There are all sorts of ways to jazz up a room depending on the style you are going for, as well as space and your own personal preferences for what you see within these areas. It could be as simple as adding in a few scatter cushions, possible the addition of succulents or a bonsai tree, or even an art print. Just remember than when accessorising it is important to know when what you have is clustered and how to keep things stylish, but practical.

Don't use rugs that are too small
When placing a rug in a room, it is important to make sure that the piece that is on it does not overshadow it, but instead to make sure that it has ample room on either side of the other furniture to look balanced and stylish. When a smaller rug is placed in the centre of a room, it almost looks like its floating there, really making it stand out, but not in the stylish way you want it to be.

Do take your time
Like many of us, when you have an idea in mind for a room, you want to see this wonderful vision come to fruition as soon as you possibly can, but in all honesty, savour the process! You may have completed a room, but you may not ever finish a room, it sounds odd to say, but how often have you been out and about, possibly to a new store where you stumble upon that item that would be perfect for a room, finding yourself buying complementary pieces to it over time. I started with two delightful hand-carved cranes, using them as a centrepiece in the frame of a bay window, and many years since then birds have slowly expanded into other rooms with ducks and other birds because they NEEDED to go in that room. You may find yourself blending styles, perhaps you have a very modern room and yet you find more vintage making its way in, possibly shifting styles entirely over time.


Don't go overboard on throw pillows
Whilst throw pillows are a wonderful accent, remember that there is always a limit to how many of these that you should have placed on a sofa or armchair. One of the most important questions to remember when placing throw pillows is "Is this comfy?", if you answer no, it should not take up space on your sofa, no matter how pretty it is.
If you find that your guests are perching on the tip of the sofa due to the throw pillows, it's time to shuffle them about. Same as if you find your guests sitting down and huddling up with one or more just to get comfy amongst the mass of pillows.


Do enjoy the seasons
Seasonal flowers and effects make a great addition through the year, bringing in different colours and scents to your home. Throughout the spring and summer seasonal flowers make a wonderful and easily available item to brighten up a room, thanks to the sheer variety of colours and shapes from nature. Come the Autumn you may wish to bring in a small pumpkin or pinecones to jazz up a console table, maybe even creating something with fallen leaves to give that personal touch.


Don't leave your corners empty
No matter how well you decorate your room, you may find yourself with an elephant in the room, which is the void of an empty corner. They can easily become a distraction in an otherwise perfectly crafted space, however, this can be remedied by placing a chair in the corner as a reading nook, perhaps even a small table featuring a plant. For adding style and storage, you may choose to place an ottoman in the corner of the room. You don't always need to place furniture in the corner's floor space, but you could make the most of the wall space to display artwork or an arrangement of photos, bonus points if you use different size and shape frames to tesselate them together!


Do paint the ceiling and skirting board
This is something we do not always see done, but, we love it when we do. Using a colour palette, you can find a complementary tone to your room which you can paint your skirting boards with to give a standout focus to a room, whilst keeping the ceiling painted the same colour as the walls. We know it sounds odd at first, but have you walked into a room with a dark paint on the walls, only to notice a white ceiling standing out in the otherwise complemented room, it can be sometimes a bit jarring. We found it made a great difference to expand the paint job to the ceiling, giving a fully encompassing design that truly makes a difference.


Don't miss out the little details
Sometimes the little details can make a world of difference to a room, especially when it comes to detail from crown moldings that can be so incredibly ornate it can be a finishing touch, or a contrasting piece in a modern room to catch the eye.

Do find a colour palette you love
Every day we find ourselves lost in a sea of colours and wondering which would look best in our homes, how to complement one another or provide a contrast that still looks stylish. One of the best way to achieve this look with the use of a colour palette to be applied to the whole room, not by picking one shade for the entirety, but a whole range of colours that complement each other. You may wish to paint your walls a nice calm blue, whilst the skirting board has been painted with a far darker shade, and the ceiling with a serene, almost seafoam colour. To get an idea of where to start with colour palettes, or even generate a scheme of your own, Coolers have made a tool that can do this for you!


Don't go overboard on furniture
You may see many wonderful images of rooms which have been designed specifically in mind for being a social space and optimising them for such, which you may be tempted to recreate in your own home, but before you do this, you need to ask yourself a few questions. Consider how much space you use on a daily basis and how that impacts your chores, access to plugs etc. then consider how many guests you average at your get together. There is no need to go overboard on furniture, no matter how pretty or stylish it is, if its simply not being put to use as you can maximise your space in other ways.

Do make the most of your space
If you sometimes find it a squeeze to get through a room, it may be time to gain that space back and given your room some extra style. Living rooms and home offices can often get taken up with bulky stands for televisions or computer monitors which can be freed up through the use of mounting brackets which can be placed onto the wall or a desk, and able to alter the angle of such to get the perfect view, alongside gaining some precious extra floor space.

Don't go too similar
Similar styles and themes in rooms are great, it gives a unified feel to a room, but sometimes everything is TOO similar, which can make it feel too perfect and not as individual as it should be. Sometimes seeing a modern home where everything is white, hard squared edges it makes us think it has a somewhat clinical feel, rather than a homely and lovingly crafted one, so take a step back and throw a curveball to make it your own! What in your room should not work together? Think about it, and make it work.

  • A pair of modern tables? Offset them with a pair of antique lamps.
  • A regal rug? Place a contemporary bold table above it.
  • A personal library filled with many well-loved classics? How about a plastic chair to sit alongside it.

On paper, there are many rooms that when you write down the components, they simply should not work, but, be bold, be different, make it work!