Posted on by Louis Jade

Given how hectic the day can be with the prominence of technology meaning one can work from home, it is important to find somewhere to dedicate as an escape from otherwise stressful tasks or locations to dis-attach from such.

A reading nook is an ideal way to go about this as it can make the most of little hideaways or extra spots of space in the home, such as a seated bay window, an old cupboard and many other locations.

If you keep these spaces separate from technological distractions, no checking Facebook, no tweeting, you can just read, relax and enjoy the journey it takes you on.

You would be surprised what can turn into a reading Nook, I even made use of a pokey little-seated window on the landing by the door of the kitchen and tuck myself up there whilst dinner was slow-cooking.

For someone who loved casseroles, slow-cooked roasts and soups, this was my ideal reading nook at the time! Plus, hard not to love being cosy with a book whilst watching a snowy Welsh winter settling from the other side of the glass.

One of the most important things to do when considering a reading nook is to survey one's home for the ideal location. An unused corner of a room, under-stair cupboard, a window sill where you are all ideal locations, but make the most of what you can find in your home to what suits you and adapt it:

  • Do you want to store a small library of books there, or would you rather have one at a time?
  • Will I need any extra furniture or shall I just grab my favourite cushion and a blanket?
  • Do I need extra lighting?

Personally, I will find anywhere to make a reading nook, like some form of bibliophilic chameleon I'll adapt what I can so that I'm comfy, but for many, it's important to begin with what is comfy for long periods of reading.

You may wish to purchase a chair that is comfy, elegant, and gives a sense of pride in its purpose for what you intend to use it for and focus the rest of the reading nook around that.

Others, like me, may just be content with an array of cushions, or in fact just a mountain of cushions. There is nothing like a cold winters day throwing yourself into a heap of cushions, settling in with a warm blanket and enjoy the toasty conditions of a reading 'nest'.

What will you need around you when you are in your reading Nook?

Some spots in the house may be ideal for a Nook, but, you wouldn't want to forget a lamp when you're setting up and end up reading in the dark which is ultimately a fruitless task.

Some folks like to keep particular comforts to hand when they are reading, like a drawer filled with tempting treats and sweets, or even a wine rack within arms reach so they can enjoy their favourite tipple as they read.

Admittedly, I'd be quite partial to a nice leather wingback chair, a shabby chic desk with a vintage lamp with a globes drinks cabinet set next to it.

When making the most of your space, don't forget that a cupboard under the stairs can be easily renovated with lights and a cushion to provide a little hideaway for kids to enjoy their books as well as adults reading there.

For those who have an exceptionally large cupboard, do you want a secret reading nook? Redecorating an old cupboard into a personal library to get away from the world and enjoy a book in peace could be quite novel, and who doesn't love the idea of a secret room? If you've got the talent to do so, it would be wonderfully meta to have a reading nook behind a bookcase (bonus points if it is a revolving one so you can get books on either side.)

Even for corners of a house, you can make more of a private nook by using a circular rail fitted to the ceiling and hanging curtains onto them, in the centre, you may wish to place a bean bag, cushion or chair. From here you can pull the curtains over and seal yourself away from the world and just enjoy your reading.

If you have a particularly favourite book or author, try decorating the nook with all manner of things related back to such. We've seen incredibly detailed arrays of wands and props from Harry Potter lining the walls of the nook, which gives an incredible sense of style and character into the home.

Others have included an incredibly well-detailed map of Middle Earth that has been painted onto the walls and one that features a favourite series of mine that had three simple decorations hung on the wall: A compass, a knife, and a spyglass. Bonus points to who knows what series it is from.

What is your ideal reading nook, or have you already crafted it? Let us know in the comments and if you have already made one, please send us pictures we would love to see them.