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We are always trying to find easier, simpler but more importantly effective ways to clean, especially when we've got such lovely furniture we want them to be looking their best at all times, as well as the equipment we use within them.

From the simple to the bizarre, here is a look at some of our favourite cleaning life hacks.


Wooden Chopping Board Cleaner

If you're like me and love to use wooden chopping boards, you'll find over time that grooves and cuts appear in the board and you want to ensure they're clean without soaking the board, which could split and warp over time, or use chemical cleaners.

By using half a lemon and a sprinkling of sea salt over the surface, rubbing it in with the lemon, you can create a natural deep cleaning solution. Just remember to thoroughly rinse this off after.


Cleaning Cast Iron Pans

You can use the same method as above to do this, just make sure if you're cleaning a griddle pan to get into the grooves and make sure its clean.



For a quick way to clean, fill your blender with water, a few drops of soap (not too much) and turn the blender on for a few seconds. The water agitation will help to shift any stubborn mess and the soap to help clean it, always remember to rinse the blender after draining to shift the last of any soap.



To easily dust these delicate pieces of furniture, use a lint roller, its soft, quick, and effective.


Small Toys and Building Blocks

If you've ever played with building blocks, there is a good chance you will know the sheer and utter agony of standing on one of these. Only for it to be doubled if you do some in the middle of the night.

To avoid issues like this you can easily clean up small toys and building blocks using a dust pan, just scoop the toys into it and unload them into the appropriate container.



Slatted blinds can be easily cleaned by soaking a cloth or even sock in a equal mix of vinegar and water and slipping it on your hand. If you have very fine blinds, you could place it on the end of a ruler so that it can fit through easily. Always remember to wipe away any excess.


BBQ Condiments

Not quite a cleaning hack, but a hack to stop there being so much cleaning to do afterwards. When preparing condiments at a BBQ, instead place them into a muffin tray, this makes bringing them from A-to-B an easier task with less of a chance of spilling them than if you were to use multiple bows.



To avoid the clutter of cables or to stop them from slipping off your desk, feeding the head of the cable through a bulldog clip's silver legs before attaching the clip to your desk keeps everything tidy and to hand.

To tidy up cables not in use, take a box and fill them with old paper rolls which you can roll your cables inside of, keeping them all together.


Wrapping Paper

One of the biggest nuisances after wrapping presents is trying to keep everything contained but this can be easily fixed by slipping the wrapping paper inside a paper roll tube (you may need to cut this from the top to the bottom of the roll to fit it in without any ripping).


Shower Heads

To clean away any build up on a shower head you can tie a plastic bag with white vinegar inside the neck of the shower.

Keep this soaking overnight and rinse the shower head off in the morning for and effortlessly clean look.


Cleaning Supply Cupboards

To tidy up the various bottles in a cupboard and grant yourself some precious extra space, it may be possible to install a shortened shower rod into the cupboard where you can hang bottles with a 'trigger' nozzle over it to keep it suspended, and out of the way for larger bottles on the bottom shelf.



A rather smelly, albeit effective means of cleaning. To help shift the effects of hard water and the chalky build up that can coat the steamer, add 600ml of vinegar and top the rest with water.

Set the steamer on a 20-30 minute cycle, then let it cool down. Once cold, empty the steamer and rinse out the reservoir with water.


Kettle Cleaning

Yet another smelly task, fill the kettle with equal parts of vinegar and water and let it boil, then cool down. After 30 minutes drain the kettle and rinse thoroughly with water.