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The kitchen is often one of the most social parts of a home which give a wonderful feel to any home, especially for those who combine their dining room, with the kitchen or even have a kitchen island, perhaps a breakfast bar in which to bond with others in the household over a meal. There are many ways in which you can brighten up a kitchen to give it a new sense of style and flair that can change the entire atmosphere of the kitchen, making it a very welcoming space or perhaps a modern space ideal for socialising and cocktail evenings. With time, creativity and perhaps a bit of elbow-grease you can easily spruce up a key room in your home.

One of the biggest and easiest changes to refresh the style of your kitchen is to change the doors on the cabinets as there is such a vast range of designs that you can find almost anything to suit your own personal style. For those doing it on a budget, you can easily sand down and paint your existing cupboard doors to give extra colour to space, if you're a fan of shabby chic you may paint and sand down the doors to expose the surface below if possible.

If you do take the time to paint your kitchen, make sure you opt for a high quality and hard wearing paint, as with any splashes, dings and scrapes that come during cooking and or lively nights in you want your kitchen to look it's best.

A slightly larger change up, but certainly another one of the most noticeable changes to make to a home, is to replace the worktops, as these can come in all manner of practical and stylish designs to fit perfectly into your home. For those who want an all-in-one solution, you may find a worktop that has features such as hideaway plug sockets, built-in Bluetooth speakers, pan stands, or sink and draining board all built in.

Whilst it may be a cumbersome task, a change of flooring gives a great compliment to your new style, we're personally a big fan of wooden flooring (a lot less chilly than tiles come the winter) or for those on a budget, cushioned vinyl offer a great selection of styles for any home.

We have seen the concept of a feature wall in a bedroom having really taken off in these past few years, with them expanding to further about the house with more kitchens now having this focal point. These feature walls will often feature a bold paint job that different from the rest of the room, wallpaper, or an even a large vinyl sticker above it.

If you are looking to make a subtle change to a room, a cheap and quick way to do so is to change the handles and doors on your cabinets. with a wide variety of styles, there are so many different ways in which you can change up the flavour of a room.

For those who are lucky enough to have the space to display art, make the most of it! There are plenty of retro and antique style signs for a wide variety of favourite brands that given a bold and charming feel to a room. Equally, if you have an empty wall with plenty of clearance, you could always turn the kitchen into a multi-function room with the addition of a small 2 or 3 seater sofa and a small table, ideal for tea and a natter with friends or family.

One thing that we always noticed when visiting others and seeing their kitchen is what their splashback is. Ranging from stainless steel, glass, ceramics, stone and more, there is a great variety of what one can use to compliment the styles of their home. Some may use simple colours and styles to keep a subtle tone, whilst others may use bold tiles with vivid patterns to give a unique flair.