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With the ever changing colours of Autumn that bring a wonderful warmth and bold colours into the home, we cannot help but want to bring them into our home, which is why we have constructed this list of 5 ways to decorate your home this season.

1. Make your own mini autumnal tree
During this time of year you can make the most of the leaves to be included in all sorts of wonderfully unique pieces of art that your can decorate your home with. One of the most simple Autumnal decorations that you can make can be done during a walk through a nearly woodland as all you'll need from it is a few sticks or smallers branches and a collection of leaves.
If you have a glass vase, you can arrange the sticks and tie them in place before sitting them in the base of the base with some pine cones if you so wish to give a further seasonal flair to the base. These sticks and branches will create their own unique mini tree shape, from which you can attach your leaves to by carefully knotting the stem of the leaf to a branch, or even threading a piece of string through the leaf so it can hang.
This is a great project to get the kinds involved with, as the leaves can be decorated in all manner of ways prior to being displayed. Using markers, felt tips, paint, glitter and more, they can make a wonderfully unique addition to such a display.

2. Build a woodland den
Whilst we're going to focus mostly on the home, don't forget about the garden! You may be lucky enough to have your own patch of trees or woodland in your garden, which is going to be great for finding ways to create a den as you may be able tie a tarp between two large branches as a roof. If you're going camping at this time of year, you may be able to use fallen trees or larger branches as a foundation for the den. For more details on den building, Forest Holidays have put together an insightful guide.

3. Leaf Prints
When walking about during this season, remember to collect leaves as they make for lovely mementos of this time of year, especially when they are painted and printed onto paper. You may even lay these on paper and paint over the tops of them to leave a silhouette of the leaf on the paper with a colorful border. We have seen partners who've taken leaves and made prints in their own colours to eventually form the shape of a heart, all whilst the details and shapes of the leaves can be seen within it.

4. Stick frames
When gathering sticks for your mini autumnal tree, keep an eye out for more straight sticks as they will come in handy for this project. By lining sticks up at right angles, you can make the start of your frame, by binding the corners together with an X wrapped in twine, which can be sealed with a hot glue gun over the back if you're worried about the knot coming undone. By repeating this, you can create a frame which you can create a piece of leaf art within by stringing up pinecones or leaves within, or even using this to border an existing frame to give it an additional autumnal woodland flair.

5. Pinecone furniture
Pinecones can make for a greatly versatile piece when it comes to bringing the wonder of Autumn into your home, as they can be placed into all manner of places about the home. Table centerpieces can be crafted by using a small ceramic plate and some Autumnal coloured pillar candles onto the plate with a smattering of pinecones around them.
If you have a glass vase, filling one of these with pine cones is a great way to give extra flair to a room, we have even seen someone place a string of LED lights into the vase weaved amongst the pinecones which creates a lovely lamp.