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Whilst it is nice to have space for a guest bedroom, sometimes they get a bit neglected for their use as a bedroom and instead become a storage area for odds and ends, perhaps its time to do a bit of spring clinging and turn that guest bedroom into something cosy and really captures the eye of your guests when they stay.

1. Twin Beds
When using a smaller room as a guest bedroom, you can give a further sense of style and space by making use of a pair of twin beds to place on either side of the room, even against the wall to maximise the floor space in the centre rather than risk your guests shuffling around a double bed. With the extra space between them, you can place nightstands and lamps to impart style and function. The style of this room is further enhanced by matching furniture throughout the bedroom to give a mirror image on each side of the room, it really stands out when you first enter.

2. Art Clusters
To further bring the style of a room together, a cluster of art pieces displayed together can make a great difference in any guest bedroom. You may choose to use a variation of one piece of art but done in different shapes as styles, such as trees painted to replicate the natural variations in shape and size or replicate the same minimalistic piece to give a uniform sense of style. If you have a particular artist you enjoy a collection of similar pieces from them, or a variety of artists around the same theme gives a wonderful spread. One art medium we have found to be particularly effective is that of movie posters, especially those that are textless to show off the original artwork or are a vintage poster that has wonderful hand painted details that are so utterly charming.

3. Big mirrors
One of our most missed items when travelling is a full-length mirror, which is why we always place one of these in our guest bedrooms, not only to ensure that our guests can look their very best, but to also give the illusion of there being much more space to a room. If you are tight on space, do not forget that they are full-length mirrors which can hang from the back of a door, keeping it tucked out of the way until needed and yet able to give that extra style to a room.

4. Loft Beds
Sometimes, guest bedrooms really can be a bit of a squeeze to fit everything in, which makes the idea of creating a loft bed all the more tempting, however, it can require a bit of a budget to be able to put this together. If you are entertaining guests often and having them stay over, it may be worth combining a room so that a secondary office or lounge style room features below the loft bed, which then allows your guests to get up in the morning at their own leisure with plenty of space in which they too can relax without disturbing anyone else. For those who really like to fill out the house for their get-togethers, a double bed on the floor level with another bed up on the loft level doubles up on the number of people you can have staying in one room, whilst giving a stylish mean of doing so, and no one feels cramped, nor has to fight over who goes on an airbed.

5. Tea and Coffee
To further give your guests a sense of space and the chance to unwind in the mornings without disturbing others, setting up a counter with a small sink for cups and cleaning up the kettle or coffee machine, along with a selection of teas and coffees adds a nice little touch that is never forgotten and alleviates the issue of wanting a cup of tea versus risking waking up everyone else. Though, be careful not to go overboard with your selection, as it could overcrowd the space and look messy.

6. Multi-purpose space
If you have a busy home from which you work or are perhaps quite eager to craft, then you may wish to double up on the space by combining this workspace with a bedroom by using a day bed or even a sofa bed that can easily be turned into a bed when the need arises. This also is great for when working in the room to give yourself a little break in comfort, bonus points if you include a tea and coffee station as suggested above.

7. Home Comforts
One thing that stands out when visiting others is the sheer level of detail they put into arranging their beds with many layers, throws, pillows to give that style, but sometimes, your minimalist style may not always complement this way of bed-dressing. To circumvent this, storage boxes or baskets with the blankets or pillows in easy reach allow your guests to get themselves comfy to how they desire and adjust such dependent on the season, where more blankets may be desired in the winter.

8. Bedside Lighting
A simple addition to a room that many overlook, despite the sheer amount of flair they can bring to your guest bedroom. To further minimise the hassle of adding lighting to a room, you may opt for lamps or plug-in wall sconces that can be easily tidied up with no issues, with a broad range of lamps available there is bound to be something to complement your guest bedroom's style.

9. Dressing Area
Whilst there might not always be the space to have a designated dressing space in the guest bedroom, you can easily put such together with the use of a dresser and a chair, giving your guests enough space to place their belongings to match up the perfect outfit. Which, if combined with the use of a full-length mirror as mentioned in one of our earlier points, it gives a space conscious approach to the dressing area whilst remaining stylish.

10. Flowers
For giving that finishing touch to your home, or as a cheap way to give a burst of seasonal colours to your home, the addition of flowers to a dresser or console table is a great way to bring a natural sense of style, vivid colours and a welcoming scent. With flowers changing throughout the year, this gives a unique appearance that keeps on changing through the seasons which can then be further complemented with other seasonal items, such as pine cones and conkers in the Autumn.