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When creating your home office, it is important to consider the function of the space that you are going to be working in. Will you want a big desk for all your art supplies? Is there enough space for a comfy chair to sink into to give yourself a break?

Whilst remaining practical, you want to find something that inspires you, driving your creativity and decorate the room accordingly, for some, a minimalist approach may give clear and concise thoughts. Subtle details in such a case can still add a personal charm to the space, such as a lavish chair, potted plants.

1. Space is of the essence, whilst you may not be able to dedicate a whole room to being a home office, with some creative builds and use of space it is possible to have your own personal space for working at. We have visited a studio flat that was compact yet made a wonderful use of space by creating a raised bed in an alcove with enough space for a desk, chair, and a few personal artefacts to offer a hideaway (for those childish at heart, throw a blanket over the edge of the bed and make yourself a den of creativity. This is most certainly not me justifying creating a den as an adult. Honest! - Matt)
Yet, in another home we have seen a kitchen alcove fitted with a small desk and shelves above, keeping a tidy space for which to work in, also doubles up as a great way to research recipes and put them to good use.

2. If you have the luxury of a bit more space, you may be able to extend your home office area into a larger alcove, where you may be able to build in a seat and place a cushion atop it with some bookshelves built around it. This maximises space for both a home office and reading nook in one, which is ideal for those who may need to research various topics in which they need the books to hand, or just somewhere to sit down and escape into a good book on their break.

3. Blackboard paint offers a great creative outlet to one's office whilst allowing for more productive uses as well. With chalkboard paint you can easily design the room around you, drawing in the trim and adornments of a regal home, perhaps you can finally draw out that mural you've always wanted, or cover your walls in notes and ideas. One thing we would recommend is finding an inspirational quote you adore and write it on your wall in front of your desk. Make it bold. Make it beautiful. Make it stand out. Once you find another quote you love, wipe the old one off and start again.

4. Lighting plays an important part in a room as it can change it so easily. With the use of sconces and wall lamps, you can easily add character to a room that provides vital lighting to one's desk. For those who like to decorate their walls with art, and display pieces these can be used to spotlight such inspirational items.

5. Inspiration boards can give a great deal of personality and style in a home office. When implementing a large corkboard or magnetic board into the office, dedicate a space for what inspires you, what pictures or photos do you love, what quotes give you a boost? Make space for what drives you to work or be creative and put it to good use, perhaps put your goals on it to see what you strive to achieve. It doesn't always have to be about work, but what can be achieved through it: do you want to go on that luxury holiday you've always wanted, save up for a dream car?

6. If your office is situated in a neutrally coloured room, add in some colour and brighten it up! You never know what will be that stand out element in a room, it may even be a Blue French Horn, find something that stands out showing your flair and make that rooms yours. Bold coloured lamps and statues are a great addition as they instantly stand out. For those who like a more subtle approach, figures, 3D printed models and more add a stylish companion to any desk (Personally, I am a massive fan of the Lego Architecture series to brighten up work spaces as its creative, stylish...and I get to play with Lego! -Matt)

7. When creating your home office, try and find somewhere that offers a view you love, face your desk toward it and let it inspire you as the seasons turn and offer a new view. My old office one looked out onto Snowdon, and I can assure you there is something so awe inspiring with such a sight when you're working.

8. If you are sharing a property with a partner or friends, try to make a communal workspace, bouncing off one another's tastes and decorations about a room can bring a great deal of inspiration and allow for ideas to be shared easily. Such an arrangement can bring two creative worlds together and alleviate mental blocks, bringing new ideas to light that you may have never thought about before.

9. Surround yourself with comfort, and let the guise of a formal work space slip away. By creating a comfortable space you can feel more relaxed, with the addition of a sofa or armchair, a side table you can settle yourself somewhere comfy to work or relax on a break. Such a set up is ideal for laptop users, as you can shift from the desk to the sofa with ease, sometimes you just want to lounge and write from there. This also doubles up as a great meeting space if you use two armchairs whilst keeping in a homely professional environment.

10. One space that you may not normally find yourself able to spruce up in a home office is the ceiling. However, we have noticed a growing trend lately, that we have grown fond of: Wall papering the ceiling. Yes. It does sound obscure at first, but there is an incredible selection of wallpaper out there that can grant such an incredible sense of style to a room, especially when colour co-ordinated with the rest of the room (an old course plotters naval map or isometric patterns have become a favourite for me - Matt)