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The nights are drawing, its getting colder, and the trees are slowly starting to turn. This means only one thing, its finally Autumn! So settle down, get cosy and make the most of those pumpkin spice lattes whilst we go through some great things to do this Autumn.

1. "Dinner at The Twits"
For those who have grown up with Roald Dahl's books may fondly remember the story of "The Twits" and their bizarre choice of food. Autumn is no exception, as the Twits will be putting on a dinner party with them entertaining you, whilst dinner will be prepared by Bompas & Parr. Not only will there be a wonderful gastronomic selection, but also a wide variety of cocktails, including one with stinging nettle leaves in it.

2. Apple Picking and Baking a Pie
With the end of the season, now is a great time to make the most of apple picking, and to make yourself a nice warm pie to enjoy on a cold night. Furthermore, this makes for a great date idea, going from start to finish of making a piece, if you or your sweethearts never made a pie before, talk about a great first time recipe to try together (Bonus points for those who put a little pasty heart with their initials on top).

3. Make candy, chocolate or toffee apples
As a kid, this was one of our favourite fall treats, and every Halloween we would adore the one neighbour who went out of their way to make theirs unique. One simple way to make a Halloween chocolate apple is to decorate the already chocolate coated apple with a small series of concave lines in white chocolate and left to set (best done with a small nozzled bottle or piping bag) to make it look like a spiderweb.

4. Make your own leaf confetti
With the turning of the season, leaves take on wonderful colours and unusual patterns that are exceptionally pretty, so why not make the most of it? You can find hole punchers that come with all manner of shapes or patterns on, which can be used to punch out confetti from these leaves. Given the time of year, these are ideal for those who are having an august wedding or taking up a handfasting on Samhain.

5. Decorate your own pumpkin
Some of you may think this is more of an activity for kids, but there are some incredible Jack'O'Lanterns and painted pumpkins coming out in this season that it absolutely stuns us. Try something unusual and see where it will take you, you may even want to buy a dedicated pumpkin carving kit to decorate the fine lines and details. Why not build a diorama of something you love or make a series of inspired jack o'lanterns to line your garden path?
At the Great Jack O'Lantern Blaze in New York there have been life-size dinosaurs made from pumpkins, which can be seen here. If you do carve a pumpkin please send us a photo, we love to see them! 

6. Learn to make your own scarf
With the cold making its way over, now may be a better time than ever to learn a new skill such as knitting or crocheting, with many places selling a kit in a box with everything you need to make your own scarf. Why not take the time to make yourself a unique and warm scarf ready for winter?

7. Go for a walk and collect leaves for Leaf Prints
With the change in season and the colour of leaves turning, there is something so delightful about talking a stroll through the colourful woodland and enjoying the sights around you. When walking, remember to collect leaves of all different sizes and shapes as they can make for lovely mementos of such especially when they are painted and printed onto paper, or even laid on paper and painted over. We have seen partners who've taken leaves and made prints in their own colours to eventually form the shape of a heart whilst maintaining the detail of the leaves across it.

8. Make smores
Cold autumn nights and smores, sat around a fire and spending time with our friends and family, we LOVE nights like these.

9. Make your home Halloweeny
With the lead up to Halloween, what better time to start to get in the mood for it? The kids bedroom doors can be easily decorated with stickers and craft paper to make a skeleton face, a friendly monster, even masking tape can be line up to make a giant spiderweb pattern.
For the adults, we have seen intricate crafts of urban legends and cryptid taxidermy or skeletons that have been painstakingly crafted, witches potions, or even sweet jars that have been labelled as something grotesque such as lumps of toffee that could be giant's earwax?

10. Pie in a Jar
As you may have gathered reading our previous blogs, Matt is a bit of a food nerd and loves all sorts of cooking. Autumn is no exception and brings wonderful oppurtunities for pumpkin pies and many more delicious treats, but, how about a pie in a jar? Over at FoodieFun, they have a wonderful recipe to make mini pies in a jar, which are great for a little treat, or as a cute little gift for friends to enjoy in this cold season. These can be frozen which means you can enjoy them at all throughout fall.